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Zerodha Business Model: Unleashing the Power of Zerodha Startup

Greetings to all! We are back with another unicorn business model. Zerodha Startup is a bootstrapped discount brokerage firm. Zerodha startup has gained immense popularity in recent years. Innovative Zerodha business model is well known as it has disrupted the traditional brokerage industry in the country.

Zerodha became the largest stockbroker in India in terms of active retail clients. The company was founded in 2010 by Nithin Kamath. In this blog, we will explore the Zerodha business model. How has Zerodha startup transformed the online trading industry in India?

What is Bootstrapped Discount Brokerage?

Zerodha Business Model is a unicorn business model. Firstly, we need to know about the bootstrapped discount brokerage. After that, we will read about the Zerodha business model. Bootstrapped Discount Brokerage is a term made up of two components: bootstrapped and a discount broker.

Bootstrapping refers to the process of starting and nurturing a startup from the ground up without raising any funds through investments and using personal capital or revenues to grow the company. In the case of a discount broker, it is a broker that provides a platform for traders and investors to buy and sell commodities, stocks, and derivatives. Moreover, they can do this without providing any consultancy or tips regarding investments, nor does it provide any calls to its clients.

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It provides convenient services, a transparent business model, and low fees. As a result, the company has gained immense popularity among traders and investors in India. Zerodha business model provides a quick tutorial on online trading. Along with that, it keeps all transactions transparent with no hidden costs later on. All these factors worked in favor and after being a bootstrap company, it become a unicorn business. Zerodha is made up of 2 words : Zero+ Rodha.

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Zerodha revenue streams are derived from charging a flat fee of Rs. 20 (or 0.03%) for every F&O and intraday capital trade. Although the fee charged is pretty low, as a huge number of transactions take place, the company gains enough profit. In addition, Zerodha charges Rs. 300 annually for account maintenance. These charges, combined with the rapid growth of the company, have resulted in Zerodha becoming the largest trading network with the highest number of active users in India.

Zerodha Business Model

Zerodha operates on a direct-to-customer model, eliminating the need for traditional middlemen such as brokers and sub-brokers. It provides a technology-driven platform that enables retail investors and traders to buy and sell various financial instruments, including stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and commodities. Zerodha acts as a facilitator, connecting investors directly to stock exchanges and other financial institutions.

From the records of the past few years, Zerodha has experienced rapid growth, resulting in a 2% contribution of investors in the stock exchange. This has boosted the revenue of the company, and with this revenue source, Zerodha has raised its valuation to $1 billion. Today, the value of Zerodha is around $3.3 billion, making it one of the most successful bootstrapped discount brokerage firms in India.

Key Features of Zerodha Startup

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Zerodha Startup, a platform by Zerodha, offers essential features for entrepreneurs, including zero brokerage for investments, a seamless account opening process, access to a wide range of investment options, advanced trading tools, educational resources, and personalized support. In other words, it empowers startups to efficiently manage their investments and grow their businesses. Let’s take a look over the main key features of Zerodha startup.

Discount Brokerage

Zerodha is primarily a discount brokerage firm, offering significantly lower brokerage fees compared to traditional full-service brokers. This has been a major attraction for retail investors, allowing them to save on transaction costs and increase their profitability.

Online Platform

Zerodha operates primarily through its online trading platform, “Kite“. This platform provides users with a seamless and user-friendly interface for trading and analyzing market data. Similarly, it helps in managing portfolios and executing trades in real-time. It also offers various tools and educational resources to empower investors and help them make informed decisions.

Technology-driven Approach

Zerodha leverages technology extensively to automate processes. Moreover, it reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency. Most importantly, by leveraging technology, Zerodha has been able to offer low-cost services. On the other hand, it provides a seamless user experience.

Open APIs

Zerodha provides open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow third-party developers to build applications and services on top of its platform. Above all, led to the emergence of a vibrant ecosystem of innovative products and tools. In addition, expanding the functionalities available to Zerodha users.


In conclusion, Zerodha being a bootstrapped discount brokerage firm has been highly successful in India. The company’s commitment to transparency, low fees, and convenient services has made it the country’s largest trading network. Most importantly, Zerodha startup has proven that it is possible to build a successful company without raising external funds through investments.

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