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Hey readers! Have you heard of a boy who became a billionaire at the very age of 18? No! let me enlarge some knowledge about him. Did you ever wonder about becoming a billionaire – even for a day? I think everyone wishes to become one. It’s always a dream to some and it’s dream come true for some lucky or fortunate mortal soul. If you ask me I too will come back with the same reaction. Everyone has a wish or a desire to become a billionaire once in a lifetime – even if it is meant for a short span of time in their whole life. Today I’m here with new content. I guess till now my readers have got a glimpse of what I would be writing. The title of my content is “YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE IN THE WORLD | YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE”.

Kevin David Lehmann – Youngest Billionaire

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The youngest billionaire in the world Kevin David Lehmann is the only character who became the very youngest billionaire at a very tender age. Kevin David Lehmann was 14 when his father has transferred 50% of the stake from a German drugstore named Drogerie market or DM. Neither his father was an employee nor he is working there as an employee. Still, he is the youngest billionaire in the world.

The name of his father is Guenther Lehmann – is the only person behind who has made his son the youngest billionaire at a very tender and tiny age. The trusteeship was transferred to the son’s name when he turned 18 as it’s the age when an adolescent has the authority and it turns legal at the age of 18 itself. Kevin David Lehmann turns a German heir or the youngest billionaire in the world. There is no one yet who has turned billionaire at this miniature age. He turned into a billionaire in September 2020 and he is among other kids who also turned billionaire at the minute generation.

Drogerie Markt or DM

DM or Drogerie Market is the place or the only business entity that has aided the youngest boy to become a billionaire at his tender age. Let me brief the readers about the company. It’s a German chain of retail stores that avail products like cosmetics, healthcare items household products, and health food & drinks. It was founded in 1973 & the 1st store was opened in Germany itself. The founder of this enterprise is Gotz Werner. He is the mastermind behind this empire which is working in many countries.

The company is well known for its flat-pyramid structure and elevated amount of collective obligations. For the company well-being and the satisfaction of the employees is the most important than the company gets its returns. From 2017 onwards, the company has started doing business outside Europe as they always did their businesses inside Europe. The name of the countries the business is working in are – Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

In the End

If you have a dream of becoming a billionaire, thrive for it. It’s not an easy step. One has to be very lucky to be one among the fortunate. Kevin David Lehmann has become the youngest billionaire because of the luck and fortune he had. He wasn’t the employee nor was his parents the employee but still, he is now the billionaire of the DM. He is being now titled as the one and only youngest billionaire in the world or the youngest billionaire.

Youngest Billionaire In The World  Kevin David Lehmann - The Youngest Billionaire-2-getinstartup

Moving towards the end of my content, John D. Rockefeller was one of the first billionaires of the world. He has quoted that – if you have you become a billionaire, make others the millionaire then you can be one of the billionaires. A human being cannot be a billionaire in some seconds of time or without any hard work. One should have the urge to make it up to the dreams.

One also knows that if a person who works cannot be a billionaire or cannot make money. He /she only makes that much money that is required to feed his body and to take care of his entity. But if you have to be a billionaire one has to have dreams to achieve it, otherwise, it won’t be possible and they will go with the normal and they will be happy in that.

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