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Hello Everybody! Today we are here with another insightful article related to equity and financing investors provide to startups companies. Before diving into the topic, did you ever wonder how come Flipkart, Paytm, Big basket have achieved this milestone? Many people like me still don’t know how they implemented their technology with lots of money. Are you interested in knowing about this? In this article on “Venture Capitalist in India | Venture Capitalist Firms in India”, we will discuss major points about venture capitalist. To know that, follow my content till last.

What is Venture Capitalist?

Venture Capitalist”, is called an “Innovators hub” where many innovations stand out unique because of the fund they provide. Yes, it’s a helping hand for innovators. It’s not like a bank to borrow some money and we have to return it. It’s like the bond of an equity investor. A venture capitalist in India firm will go through a background check of your technology and the productive output.

Once they are satisfied with your product they will give the fund you needed and in return, they will ask for 50% of liquidation in your company. It’s pretty obvious, if your market value didn’t reach the expected hit, VC will take over your company.


The majority of people suffered from startups in their early days. They even had an efficient team, great effort but failed in their operation due to insufficient funds. Funds are of great importance in business and other aspects. Thus the VCs or the Venture capitalist in India became the prime aspect in the flourishing of the Startup ecosystem in India. Once the startups have reached a remarkable growth stage, they will need funds for their smoothened further growth.

Venture Capitalist in India  Venture Capitalist Firms in India Everyone Must Know-1-getinstartup

For necessary funds, these startups had to contact the banks and other sources until the arrival of the Venture capital firms in India. They gave more access to funding to the startups. Thus the funds are operated by the financial wizards in venture capitalists in India and entrepreneurs came to be known as Venture capitalists as they had a great potential to grow into a highly profitable business.

Top 12 Venture Capitalists Firms in India

Many Venture capitalist firms in India have been a lifesaver for many companies. They are the most fundamental part of startup society. Now let’s see some of the Venture capitalist in India which has become a heart for many startups.


Focused on financing funds

Investment ranges between $2Mn to $10Mn

Industries they focused on are the education sector, financial, internet-based, etc.

Make my trip got its funding from Helion Venture partners


Focused on Internet cloud-enabled services, mobile application

Investment ranges between $ 0.5Mn to $ 50Mn

The famous “flip kart” e-commerce website got its funding from Accel Partners.


Focuses on technology, healthcare

Investment between $100,000Mn and $ 10Mn

Justdial, Zomato got its funding from sequoia capital India.


Focused on emerging Technologies

Investment ranges from $ 0.5Mn to $ 10Mn

Snapdeal, a crafts villa got its funding from Nexus Venture Partners.


Focused on Digital consumers

Investment ranges between $ 1Mn to $ 10Mn, got its fund from IDG Ventures India

Like this many Venture capitalists in India providing funding for many startups. There are nearly 520 active VC funds in India. The Venture capitalist plays a vital


It emerged as a Venture capitalist firms in India in 2001.

Primarily focused on Information Technology, consumer products Internet

Funding between $ 5 million to $ 35 million

Companies like Paytm, book my shop got their funding from SAIF partners

If a company in India should emerge successfully, we need Venture capitalists in India to facilitate.


Mainly focused on investing in research-oriented products, mobile phones, research labs, etc.

Companies like Snapdeal got its fund from Intel capital India

As a Venture capitalist company in India, it will find nearly $ 1.00 million


As a Venture capitalist in India, it was founded in 1911

Focused on tech companies like cybersecurity, health care, etc.

Investment ranges from$ 100,000 to $ 50 million

Snapdeal, Taxi for sure Motilal Oswal, etc. seemed funding from Bessemer Ventures partners


It was founded in 2000.

Investment ranges from $ 50k to $ 50 million based upon the company

Bharat Matrimony, Naaptol, etc sought from Canaan partners


The company is based in the US but launched in India at 1985

Focused in sectors like consumer services and financing

Clear Trip, live media sought funding from DFG India


This company was founded in 1915 under Venture capitalists in India

Mainly focused on e-commerce, pay-TV, and print companies

Flipkart and OLX got their funding from NASPERS


This company started to invest in India in 2008 under Venture capitalists in India

Mainly focused on Healthcare, consumer, and manufacturing company

Investment ranges from $ 10 Million to $ 50 million

Yebhi, Net magic got its funding from fidelity growth partner

In the End

Founders from various startups can visit these 12 Venture capitalists in India We provided the website link on each Venture capitalist in India. You can see their phone number and their contact details to get funding for your startups. All the best for your successful startups. Happy Investing!

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