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Greetings to my benevolent readers! I hope that my readers are shielding safely at your own abode. Today I am here with a new topic related to the business field and I think it is a hot topic to discuss on. Many of the readers might have heard about them. They well know business entrepreneurs. So the topic is “Udaan Business Model | Business Model of Udaan”. In today’s topic, I will be briefing my readers about the business story of three entrepreneurs who have reached success with trio efforts. The picture below is the company emblem of the UDAAN BUSINESS MODEL. So let me tell the trio success story.

What is Udaan Business Model?

Udaan Business Model is a B2B trade marketplace that is specifically outlined to authorize retailers, wholesalers, traders & manufacturers with the help of technology as the root. The in-charge of this empire is Hive loop Technology Pvt. Ltd., which is a noteworthy initiative for the small and medium businesses in India. The key to this brainstorming project was to connect wholesalers, retailers, traders & manufacturers on a single party line i.e. mobile app.

The Udaan app enables the users to benefit from real vision and understandings’ into active trends & many other premiumB2B trade features. Udaan brings to them the potentiality of technology to plate & raise their business.

Who are the founders of the Udaan?

As of now, I have cleared my readers what is Udaan’s business model, now let me state who the founders of the kingdom are. There are main three people behind this business organization to make it go smoothly. They are AMOD MALVIYA, VAIBHAV GUPTA & SUJEET KUMAR. They were the ex-employees of Flipkart– which is another business province. This trio strength has founded the Udaan business model or business model of Udaan in 2016. They have begun the journey together as a logistic platform first for small buyers & sellers of electronics, staples & apparel.

Udaan Business Model - Know About the Amazing Business Model of Udaan -getinstartup

The trio has mainly focused on logistics for 8-10 months and in no time they got so much exposure within India which was a good highlight for a startup. They built up an enormous data database of all the buyers & sellers before they thought of ending the current business line and moving further. Now the trio manpower is in the urge of entering the platform of merchants. They are making efforts to build a full-stack platform for small & medium organizations’ which will be the amalgamation of a marketplace, logistics & lending.

Sujeet Kumar’s words:

“It isn’t a journey of how we achieved unicorn status. Behind the 26 months, there were eight years of different people’s efforts.”

Now let’s move ahead to the working mechanism of the Udaan business model or business model of Udaan. The trio had a different business model as compared to other business platforms working. Let me explain it as it is shown down.

Working Mechanism of Business Model of Udaan


The first step of the business model of Udaan states that the retailers can browse through the Udaan app, find the product they will like to purchase & place an order.


Now, after the order has been placed by the retailer it will go to the seller as of now the seller will acknowledge from his part order received, pack the order & make it ready for the shipment.


After the second process, here comes the third step that is en route- where the order will be moved to the retailer location. This is the third step of the working mechanism of business model of Udaan.


Here the logistics team members of Udaan will assist with the pick-up and delivery of the package. In this step of the business model of the Udaan working mechanism, many experts and high-tech engineers work together to make it work without any mistake.


The second last process of the business model of Udaan working mechanism will be the delivery will reach the retailer and the cash is collected from the retailer for the order.


Hence, the last step is settling the seller with payment for the purchase made by the retailer which is done through many mediums of payment.

Udaan Business Model - Know About the Amazing Business Model of Udaan -2-getinstartup

Since Udaan is a B2B marketplace where the manufacturers & wholesalers can sell their products to the retailers using the mobile app. The company then provides the retailers with logistics, secured payments & technical aid. The promoters of the company have found out that finance working capital has been the major brain worrying for the end retailers.

As the retailers end up borrowing from local lenders who charge high on them. So Udaan wishes to support & help with working capital funds to them at a reasonable figure.

Competitors of Udaan

Tradekosh, Big Trade, Unicommerce, Tiny deal are the major competitors of the Udaan. Every business had its own risk and profits. If a business has to be rocket speed they have to face the competitors, risk, and enjoy the profits. So let me quickly brief on the competitors of the Udaan business model.

The below shown are the competitors of Udaan. They have to compete with them to move ahead. They are also business organizations involved in one or the other businesses. Big trade – one of the top rivals of Udaan was found in 2017 & the headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka. Trade Kosh another contender which was found in the year 2018 in Pune.

Udaan Business Model Business Model of Udaan Fastest Growing Business in India-3-getinstartup

Unicommerce, a player for the Udaan was found in 2012 & the headquarters is in Gurgaon. Tiny deals the last rival for Udaan is located in London, United Kingdom.

In the End

Hence, I would conclude my statement on the UDAAN BUSINESS MODEL. As I have already shared a lot of information about them how they succeed, who were their competitors, the founders, etc. I believe now my readers are fully informed about the story of the Udaan business model. They were first the workers of a well-known business enterprise.

They made their own business kingdom which is still standing & dreaming to touch the skies. If one has to succeed one should have a dream. The trio had a dream to fulfill and they did it together. It’s better to succeed together than to work alone.

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