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Regards to all! I hope you all are doing great. From the above quote, you might all get an intention that today we are going to talk about women. Women nowadays are capable and strong enough to compete in any field whether it is about war or whether the economy. Women are excelling in business and are becoming successful day by day. We all know about some women Entrepreneurs like Radhika Aggarwal, Lori Greiner, or Indra Nooyi. But do you know about the types of women entrepreneurs? Do you have any information regarding Women Entrepreneurs in India? No problem! The following article on “TYPES OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS” will provide you all the answers.

First, let us understand the core of the article that is the types of Women Entrepreneurs.

What do Women Entrepreneurs mean?

Women Entrepreneurs means the women or a group of women who initiate, organize and operate a business enterprise. A woman entrepreneur is, therefore, a confident, creative, and innovative woman desiring economic independence individually and simultaneously creating employment opportunities for others. In the advanced countries of the world, there is a phenomenal increase in the number of self-employed women after World War II.

There are about or mostly 5 types of women entrepreneurs in India-

  1. Affluent Entrepreneurs
  2. Pull factors
  3. Push
  4. Self-employed Entrepreneurs
  5. Rural Entrepreneurs

For better understanding let’s understand these types of women entrepreneurs in detail.

Types of Women Entrepreneurs

Types of Women Entrepreneurs everyone must know-1-getinstartup

1. Affluent Entrepreneurs

Affluent women entrepreneurs are those women entrepreneurs who hail from rich business families. They are the little girls, girl parents in law, sisters, sister-parents in law, and spouses of affluent individuals in the general public.

A significant number of them are occupied with salons, inside design, book distribution, film dissemination, and such. The family upholds the above kind of business idea person in completing their duties.

2. Pull Factors

  • Women in towns and urban areas respond to entrepreneurship as a call to experiment and to be financially autonomous. These are going under the classification of pull factors. They have a place with instructed women who for the most part lake up little and medium ventures where the hazard is low.
  • Under this classification, women ordinarily start administration focuses schools, food cooking focuses, cafés, staple shops, and so forth. These women who live in urban areas, may or may not have work experience.
  • They are risk-taking and have the courage to start a business with the help of financial organizations or institutions and commercial banks. They are ready to take challenges in order to become successful businesses and financially independent.
  • Pull factors infer the factors, which urge ladies to turn into business people. They incorporate longing to do something new throughout everyday life, need for autonomy, accessibility of money, concessions, and endowments.

3. Push Factors

  • There are a few lady’s business people who acknowledge pioneering exercises to conquer monetary troubles. The family circumstance constrains them either to foster the current privately-run company or to begin new dares to improve the monetary states of the family. Such classifications of business people are named push factors.
  • Push factors are those, which suspend ladies to become business visionaries. They incorporate monetary challenges. Duty in the family, awful family conditions like the demise of the spouse or father, separate and so on Nonetheless, the impact of this factor on ladies in turning out to be business people is low than the previous factor.

4. Self-Employed Entrepreneur

Poor and helpless ladies in towns and towns depend vigorously on their own endeavors for food. They start little and Small ventures like brushes making, wax candle making, giving tea and espresso to workplaces, pressing of garments sewing work, fitting firm and so forth such ladies are called independently employed business people.

This type of women entrepreneurs is basically from rural areas and they opt for the business that suits their knowledge and skills. This business does not require any special skills and also doesn’t require good capital investment with a low degree of risk.

5. Rural Entrepreneurs

In this type of women entrepreneurs mostly women are below the poverty line. They opt for tiny and small investment enterprises which they are able to manage and control and enough for the survival of their family.

Women in provincial regions/towns start endeavors that need least getting sorted out ability and less danger. Dairy items, pickles, organic product juices, pappads, and jaggery making are going under this class of rural entrepreneurs.


These were the “Types of Women Entrepreneurs”. But our society is still lacking when it comes to women entrepreneurs and people do not accept the fact of women starting a business. This is because of our patriarchal society or male chauvinism. We observed that most types of women entrepreneurs lack proper funds and support, whether it’s from family or even from their own national government. So it’s high time to realize their worth in this field also so that we can raise the bar of our women entrepreneurs.

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