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Hey Readers! We are back with another knowledgeable article regarding startups. I am sure some of you might be confused after reading the title. Are you one of those who are planning to start a startup? Are you thinking of a top SaaS startup? We give water to plant so that in the future it could convert into a tree and provide us food. The same thing goes for a startup, a person begins with a startup and he/she keeps working hard so that one day he could run his own company and earns more profit. Startups are basically the building blocks of a company. So, in this article on “Top SaaS Startup | Successful SaaS Startups in India”, we are going to explain everything to you about successful Saas startups and will share the advantages. So, let us start with an inspiring quote.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Introduction To SaaS Startup

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. A SaaS company is a company that provides various features which users can access remotely. Nowadays SaaS startups are in huge demand. Currently, more than 38% of companies work entirely on SaaS. Experts even predict that in the coming years that number will go to 75% and the SaaS market will reach $76 billion.

The SaaS market offers an incredible opportunity, but to succeed in it, we’ll need to have at least some basic knowledge about its dynamics. Its parent industry is Cloud Computing.

How does programming a SaaS work?

SaaS works through the cloud conveyance model. A product supplier will either have the application and related information utilizing its own workers, data sets, systems administration, and processing assets, or it could be an ISV that agreements a cloud supplier to have the application in the supplier’s server farm. The application will be available to any gadget with an organization association. SaaS applications are regularly gotten to by means of internet browsers.

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Successful SaaS Startups in India

SaaS startups in India are showing effective growth with every passing year. SaaS startups in India are quite strong and competitive in comparison to other startups. Here is some Top SaaS startup.

  • Agile CRM
  • Capillary Technologies
  • BuildaBazaar
  • HackerRank
  • Plivo
  • Zoho
  • Chargebee
  • Vidooly
  • SocialAppsHQ
  • Kloud Connectors
  • HappyFox.Inc
  • Facilio Inc

Benefits of SaaS Startup

Here are the benefits of SaaS startups which help you a lot if you’re planning to start a new business venture.

1. Cost savings: By starting a SaaS startup, it will let you save more amount of money as compared to starting other business ventures or startups.

2. Low-effort updates: In SaaS startups, you need not update your products and qualities monthly or yearly. It is a long-termed investment and requires fewer update efforts.

3. Mobility: The main benefit is that successful SaaS startups are mobile in nature. No! this mobile doesn’t mean the cell phones we are carrying. It is referred to as it is easy to move from one location to a better one.

4. IT expertise: These kinds of startups mainly consist of IT engineers. They deal with technical areas like multi-channel, voice portal, and video collaboration and editing.

5. Scalability: After adopting the mobility nature, it also possesses scalability. This is the ability to change the size or scale of the startup as it grows.

Risk of SaaS Startup

To handle infrastructure and maintenance of software or other business functions a third party might be involved, that creates some sort of risks.

  • Pricing
  • Down Time
  • Security
  • Solvency
  • Contractual obligations
  • Inadequate data security
  • Problems with compliance

Types of SaaS Products

SaaS applications differ in size, shape. Most fall under one of the three categories:-

1. Packaged SaaS

These are the products that help to manage a specific process in an organization. It also improves employee engagement, strengthens customer relations, etc. Example – Hubspot

2. Collaborative SaaS

These applications help improvise how teams coordinate with each other. Zoom, Paper, and Basecamp are some examples.

3. Technical SaaS

It offers tools to handle technical processes. Example – Cloudsponge

How Do SaaS Brands Attract Users

Objective 1:  Attracting the right audience. For effective growth, a Successful SaaS startup must connect with potential users.

Objective 2:  Building a relationship with leads. Marketers are responsible for creating leads. By using a combination of content, emails, a new SaaS startup should consider themselves in power and convince leads in order to test their product.

Objective 3:  Remove roadblocks to sign up

Objective 4:  Engaging sers

Objective 5:  Increasing customer lifetime value

Inbound Marketing

In addition, Inbound marketing strategies aim to attract strangers to our product and convert them into customers. It begins with content writing, posting blogs.

Online Advertising

Top SaaS startups place online ads in order to attract potential customers to sign up. This is how brands attract successful SaaS startups.

SaaS Pricing Models

Before attracting users, a new SaaS company must decide how much it is going to charge for their product. Let’s take a look at various pricing models we could use in our product.

  • Freemium
  • Flat-Rate Pricing
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Per-User Pricing
  • Usage-Based Pricing

SaaS Software Lifecycle Stages

These are the few stages of the lifecycle of SaaS software. These points are, especially for the IT sector experts. Have a look down on the points.


  • Outline Buyer Personas & Targets
  • Develop Awareness
  • Qualify The Customers


  • Customer Purchase
  • Onboarding & Activation
  • Product Regularity


  • Renewals
  • Referrals & Advocacy
  • Innovation

How To Start Our Own SaaS Startup

If someone is interested in running his/her SaaS startup, he/she would want to start by outlining the needs.

9 Steps to start our own Top SaaS startup

To start a new top SaaS startup one should be aware of these facts and follow the procedure as guided below.

  1. Develop a solution for a problem
  2. Write up a lean plan and make a strategy and work on the tactics related to the field. One should create a business model which is very necessary for every new business and schedule the things.
  3. Validate your SaaS idea by talking to the customers and should conduct a competitive analysis. After that, explore pricing models and find the right place to invest.
  4. Establish your brand and clarify your vision to the people interested. The Domain name plays a vital role here.
  5. Then, make it legal and choose an appropriate business name before registration.
  6. Financing and funding: Circle back and create a more detailed forecast
  7. Build your product and start its sales as soon as possible. Firstly, start with a small work and then make it develop.
  8. Develop your go-to-market strategy and make your own PR. Don’t forget real-life products.
  9. Establish metrics for success and benefits of tracking key metrics.
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Wrap Up

After growing through our article on “Top SaaS Startup | Successful SaaS Startups in India”, you must have understood every bit about successful SaaS startups. If you need more advanced information regarding this topic then, please let us know in the comment section. We’ll love to hear from you.

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