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Welcome Readers! We are back with another article and would be coming with more informative and interesting articles soon. For now, we are well focused on this article on “TOP MNC COMPANIES IN INDIA-MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES IN INDIA” so without further ado, let’s get started. Well, As you know that India is an investment-favorable nation and has attracted the attention of successful multinational organizations because of its high population resources. India benefits from the best multinational companies through their investments, contributions to infrastructure, boosting economic health.

MNCs succeeded in India due to the convenient stable workforce. But working in an MNC is not what everyone can achieve in their life.

Every student or an educated person dreams to work in an MNC. It provides you experience and self-belief to move ahead in the career.

So, what picture comes to your mind when the word MNC pops up. Is it a splendid job where you can travel internationally? Or is it a rich lifestyle after joining an MNC?

 Let us find out what an MNC is, and some top MNC companies in India.


A multinational company is an organization that provides its services in multiple countries through its subsidiaries in different regions. A multinational company can also be referred to as a multinational enterprise (MNE). The strength and revenues are for global utilization, and the stakeholders come from different nations. We bring you the cluster of Top MNC Companies in India.


1. Amazon

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Founder: Jeff Bezos

Entry Year: 2012

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping sites that spread globally and it is counted among the top multinational companies in India and all over the globe.

It is an American multinational technology company, which was firstly named founded in a garage in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the largest employment sectors which focus on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. It has around 757,000 employees and counting who are working under Amazon. It is one of the Biggest Companies in the U.S along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. t’s amongst the most popular multinational companies in India.

Jeff Bezos was the founder of the company and he is currently the World’s richest person and the CEO of the company.


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Founder: Adolf Dassler

Entry Year: 1996

Adidas is a multinational corporation founded in Germany and its headquarter is in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is basically a sports items manufacturing company known for its high-grade and quality items.

Adidas was started as a production house of sports garments which was started in a washroom in 1949 and conquered the whole world. Later, it became one of the leading producers of sports garments and shoes. As well as casual footwear, and It is the largest sportswear manufacturing company in Europe and the second-largest in the world after Nike. It’s amongst the most popular multinational companies in India when someone buys a shoe, it is the top company that comes to mind.

As of 2019, it had the highest revenue among all the sportswear companies. Which was calculated as 21.915 billion euro.

3. DHL

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Founder: Robert Lynn, Adrian Dalsey and Larry Hillblom

Entry Year: 1979

DHL is an American German courier and expresses mail company established in 1969 and headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is primarily a courier company working worldwide.

DHL is a division of German logistics company Deutsche DHL logistics and is the largest logistics company in the world. It delivers about 1.35 billion parcels every year, mainly specializing in air and sea couriers. DHL was stated as an offshore courier company but it came into existence after it completed with FedEx.

It gained hype after it acquired the American logistics company Airborne Express. As of 2019, its revenue was calculated to be around 14 billion euro and It is also a leading logistics brand in India.


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Founder: Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Entry Year: 1990

Microsoft is an American multinational company started in 1975 by Bill Gates with its central office in Washington. Microsoft Corporation, according to the Forbes 2019 ranking, is valued at 745.8 billion dollars. Microsoft Corporation was introduced into the Indian market in 1990. And the first headquarters was constructed in Hyderabad.

The company is known for its operating system, security, software products, personal computers, Microsoft Office Suite, and edge web browsers. It is also in flagship with XBOX video game consoles. Microsoft also ranked No. 21 in 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of largest United States by total revenue. They work very closely with the Government of India and IT firms, contributing to human resources and technology.

5. IBM (International Business Machines Cooperation)

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Founder: Charles Ranlett Flint

Entry Year: 1992

IBM operates in more than 170 countries across the globe with headquarters in Armonk and New York. IBM is one of the leading companies in the information technology sector, providing a host of services like business consultancy. Currently, valued at 132.1 billion dollars, its Indian headquarters is in Bangalore.


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Founder: John Stith Pemberton

Entry Year: 1993

Coca-Cola or Coke is a carbonated soft drink company. It was invented in the late 19th century and bought out by businessman Asa Griggs Candlers. The company was started in 1886, and the founder started work in India in 1993 through the Coca-Cola India Private Limited subsidiary. Their beverages include Maaza, Fanta, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Limca, Thumbs-Up, Minute Maid juices, and Georgia tea. It’s amongst the most popular multinational companies in India.

The Head office in India is in Kolkata. It is valued at 179.5 billion dollars.


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Founder: Akio Morita & Masaru Ibuka

Entry Year: 1994

Sony Corporation, also known as Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation. It started in 1946 headquartered in Konan, Tokyo. The company operates as one of the world’s largest manufactures of consumer and professional electronic products.

Sony products are immensely popular. And they are known for their superior quality and technical innovation. In India, Sony headquarters is located in Delhi with total revenue of US$ 153.683 billion.

8. Hewlett Packard (HP)

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Founder: David Packard, Bill Hewlett

Entry Year: 1939

Hewlett Packard was started in 1939, and its central office in Palo Alto, California. HP developed and provided a wide range of hardware components. As well as software and related services to consumers.

Their products are broadly classified into three kinds: Personal computers (PCs), Mobile computing devices, and workstations. The valuation is about 27.3 billion dollars. Bangalore city is the main headquarter in India.


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Founder: N.R Narayana Murthy

Entry Year: 1981

Infosys is an Indian multinational company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. Infosys’s key products are NIA (Next-generation Integrated AI platform), Panaya Cloud Suite.

Headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys has its offices in the USA, China, Middle East, Japan, and Europe. In 2019, the revenue calculated was around 10.96 billion.

10. APPLE Inc.

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Founder: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak

Entry Year: August 2008

Here we are with another one of the top MNC companies in India. Last but not least. Apple Inc. is an American multinational company headquartered in California that designs, develops, and sells consumer software, computer software, and online services. Its hardware products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, Apple Watches, and AirPods. It’s amongst the most popular multinational companies in India.

Apple’s very first phone was never launched in India. The first iPhone to get launched in India was iPhone 3G in August 2008.


The top MNC companies in India boost the economic development of the country and are in turn provided with a rapid expansion of the market for their products. We always welcome the multinational companies in India.

Hope you love my article on “TOP MNC COMPANIES IN INDIA”. And if you find it informative, then do let me know in the comment section.

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