getinstartup - Top 5 Skills to learn to be Useful to a Business in 2019

as we are living in a golden era of businesses and start-ups
as the world is running so fast so we have to go with the same flow as the world in this further you will got to know about the Top 5 skills to learn to be useful to a business in 2019 .
As a professional we all have keen interest in knowing and learning the new skills but there are approximately more than 50,000 skills so we aren’t be able to learn every damn skill so the biggest question arises ; Which skills to learn to be useful to a business in 2019 ?
don’t worry all your queries ends here …
after our research talking to many entrepreneurs and businessmen
we are here to give you top 5 skills to learn to be useful to a business in 2019 which includes soft skills and hard skills too .

The Soft skills needs the most in 2019 to a business

1.Communication skills

In this modern era of technology we still need communication skills we have to deal with people whether you are running any business you need to conduct presentations and putting your views to investors , employees and customers.

2. Time Management

Nowadays the biggest problem with every entrepreneur and businessman is Time devotion to the right place and on a right thing.
We don’t know how much time our work needed and how much time we needed for our personal development .

3. Stress management

Stress is the common factor we all will find in businessman.
Meditation ,yoga and reading spiritual books like (bhagwat gita bible quran ) can help you to reduce the stress and it will lead you to take right and better decisions.

4. Creativity

Creation is the biggest factor/skill which takes the essential part in any business or start-up.
An entrepreneur should be like this he can convert a mud into a product through his creative mindset .
Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality as business model or a product.

5. Adaptability

As this world is changing soo fastly and we don’t have time to think that much being able to adaptive with environment and surrounding is soo important because business runs on adaptability.

The Hard skills needs the most in 2019 to a business

1.Cloud Computing

As we know this new era is growing and we all are surrounded by technology.
Cloud computing is that kind of skills which should be known by every person so that,
he is able to run his business in this technical world .
the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

2.Artificial intelligence

as all the economist technical analyst says that the artificial intelligence will have the market of around 3 trillion dollar in a decade.
So if you want to be in growing business start in from where ,which market is going to be boom.

3.Digital Marketing

social media, google search , bing and many more these are the platforms which will lead your business to another level.
digital media spends, currently contributing 15% of the total advertising pie, will reach 24% of the entire market by 2020. 
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4. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the one of the most important skills you have to learn if you can’t be able to visualize your thoughts and wont be able to express it to others it will be no helpful you.

5. Mobile Application Development

It enhances the sales and it build loyalty with customer easy interface fast and reliable.
It is forecast that around 2022 the mobile application market will reach 100 billion USD .

Hope so you all get to know what are the most important skills to learn to be Useful to a business in 2019.
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