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Do you dream of being an entrepreneur at a very young age? Well, some are very lucky to be the one and some become a little bit late. Welcome back our prestigious readers, we are back with advanced content for our readers to read and mingle themselves. The latest and current talk for the title is Tilak Mehta | World’s Youngest Entrepreneur. I think every reader might be eager to know more about the new content. Let’s go readers surf deep into the new blog.

Tilak Mehta

He is a 15-year-old boy who became an entrepreneur at a very small age. At this very age, kids use to study at school and excel in studies whereas this kid proved that age is just a number. An entrepreneur can be anyone at any age. One should have the guts and the dreams to be the one. Tilak Mehta | World’s Youngest Entrepreneur is the founder of Paper n Parcel. He made the digital courier company by providing a one-day parcel service at the aid of Mumbai Dabbawala.

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Story Behind the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur

Every person has their own story to share and view life to make it easier. Tilak Mehta has his own story due to which he was the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur. Once, he had to want some books on an urgent basis but his father who comes late home after work was not able to do so after the son saw the tiredness in his father. The father itself gave an idea of what he can do. That idea had changed his life totally. His inspiration comes from the Dabbawallas – who delivers the food across the cities at less time at an affordable rate.

So, he used this opportunity to use them. He started the startup named Papers N Parcels – with the aim that they will deliver and provide pick-up services to anyone at very few are and in no time with the help of Dabbawallas. This is how the story of the Tilak Mehta or the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur made his journey to the field of entrepreneurs at a very tiny age. The story is very inspiring for every young generation.

Papers N Parcels– A Dream Come True

It was a dream come true for many people connected to the startup like the delivery partner, a Dabbawala, and a loyal customer. Tilak Mehta had this aim in life when he started the small startup that no people should suffer because of insufficient resources and it should be made available by hook or by crook. This is an application that is been made available on mobile phones with the employees working to the strength of 200 plus. In this very app, there are 300 Dabbawala and 1200 parcels are delivered on daily basis.

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Tilak said, “Papers N parcels is my dream. And I will work with my full efficiency to increase it.”

He is an 8th standard student of Garodia International School in Mumbai who has name and fame at a very youthful age. He has even gained an award Global Child Prodigy Award which commemorates talented and unique children. Tilak Mehta | World’s Youngest Entrepreneur won the award in January 2020 as he was among the Top 100 Prodigies List of 2020. He is determined to turn over his company to  Rs 100 crore turnover by the year 2020 in the Intra-City Logistics market in Mumbai. Tilak inspires the youth and believes that “Any ordinary kid curious enough to know the Why, When and What about everything can be an Entrepreneur. Even though we may face overwhelming odds in our journey, what important is to keep moving forward.” 

Towards The Conclusion

It is not necessary that any person should have the knowledge to start a business. Anyone can start a startup with the little spark in themselves. Tilak Mehta | World’s Youngest Entrepreneur had the spark in self when he understood that there is a need to stand for those people who are not able to access basic needs at certain situations in life. One should have a dream, determination, belief in self and the will to succeed then the existing factors will lay down before you to help out. Tilak Mehta is really a good example to those young and enthusiastic people or youths who can explore many things in life.

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