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Do you know the top 10 disclosed funding rounds of all time are all from startups headquartered in the Emirate? Dubai is the glittering gem of the United Arab Emirates, and it has emerged as a successful web for startups. Dubai has the perfect ecosystem that has attracted entrepreneurs from all around the world. Dubai has all the qualities needed to set up a business. Its strategic location, business-friendly policies, and developed infrastructure have contributed to the rise of many successful Dubai startups. In this blog, we will explore some of the top startups in Dubai.

Startups to Prosperity

Dubai is the top destination for business startups due to a combination of factors that create a favorable environment for entrepreneurial setups. Here are some key reasons why Dubai is considered one of the best places for business startups:

Strategic Location

It is the perfect place for startups due to its strategic location. You will find every kind of resource here that is needed for startups. Dubai’s strategic location offers easy access to global markets because it is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This strategic location allows startups to delve into a diverse customer base and facilitates international trade and collaboration. Many top startups in Dubai can be established with the perfect infrastructure.

Business-Friendly Regulations

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Dubai is well known for its pro-business policies and regulatory framework. The government has established free zones and economic clusters that offer various incentives, including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and streamlined administrative processes. The government of the UAE has taken many initiatives to promote Dubai startups, like the Khalifa Fund, StartAD, and SME Dubai.

One Moto: Emotion in Motion

It is a developer of multi-category electric vehicles. The company was founded in 2018 by Adam Ridgway. The company creates different electric vehicles for personal travel and business needs. They design different models of vehicles. One model is called “Scoota,” which is an electric kickscooter.

It has features like a 350W motor and can go up to 31 km/h. Another model is “Commuta,” an electric scooter with a 4kW engine, a removable battery, and more. They also make “Ryda,” an electric bicycle, and “Byka,” an electric scooter for delivery workers. It has raised approximately £149.8 million (£123,000,000) from a leading financier in London. 

Top Startups in Dubai: Leading the Way

Careem Networks FZ LLC

Careem was founded in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdulla Elyas. It has redefined urban mobility by offering ride-hailing services across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It has a user-friendly platform that focuses on local preferences and has launched at the forefront of the ride-hailing industry. It is owned by Uber Technology, Inc. It raised funds of US$1.7 million in a round led by STC Ventures in 2013. Its latest funding was raised in Series F on October 18, 2018, for $200 million.

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Fetchr was established in 2012 by Idriss Al-Rifai and Joy Ajlouny. It addresses the challenges of last-mile delivery in the Middle East. The company is familiar with the latest technology, including GPS tracking and image recognition, to ensure efficient and secure package delivery.

They provide a range of services to ensure efficient and secure package delivery, particularly in regions where traditional address systems might be less reliable. It has total funding of $77 million. It has investors like CMA CGM, BECO Captial, Tamer Group, and NGP Capital. This top startup in Dubai has set an example for other small starups also.

Noon AD Holdings Ltd

It is an e-commerce platform based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was founded by Mohamed Alabbar, the chairman of Emaar Properties, and launched in 2017. It is from one of the top startups in Dubai. It offers a wide range of products for online shopping. It is like a big online store where you can buy all kinds of things without having to go to a physical shop.

They have lots of items, like clothes, electronics, toys, and more. It’s kind of like a digital shopping mall. It has acquired many companies, like Sivvi and Namshi. It has an investment of $1 billion, which was raised by its owner for the upliftment of the company.


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This Dubai startup was founded in 2009 by Jalil Allabadi and Dr. Jalil El-Dabbagh. It has improved access to healthcare information and services for people in the Arab world. It is a digital health platform in the Middle East that provides medical information, virtual consultations, and healthcare services to users. It has total funding of $52.5 million. It has many investors, like Hikma Ventures, Dash Ventures, Global Ventures, and many others. It is from one of the top startups in Dubai.

It led to many changes from a health perspective. Its digital platform has empowered individuals to take better control of their health by providing information and connecting them with medical professionals.


These top startups in Dubai are examples of their quick transformation into a dynamic global innovation hub. It focuses on diverse industries such as transportation, logistics, real estate, fashion, and technology. These Dubai startups have not only disrupted traditional business models but have also contributed to Dubai’s reputation as a fertile ground for entrepreneurial struggle. These Dubai startups also work as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and are a strong example of the power of innovation. Stay connected with us to read more about entrepreneurial startups, various blogs on businesses, and the latest tech news.