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Greetings Everyone! After reading the title, you all must have understood the topic we are going to share with you all. Many successful entrepreneurs and businessman have defined their successful journeys and hardships in their life quotes, which are very aspiring and included in our article on “Startup Motivational Quotes | 50 quotes for startup”.

A startup basically refers to a young company that is founded by one or more than one entrepreneur to build ideas or develop a unique product or service and bring it to market.

Startup motivational quotes are very important to achieve a successful startup. Many famous entrepreneurs who changed the world with their thinking ability like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs have said many inspiring words.

So, we have compiled 50 startup motivational quotes from the world’s best entrepreneurs on the best way to arrive at fantastic achievements at the private business level.

Best 50 Quotes for Startup

In this section, we will be discussing the startup motivational quotes which will motivate you for future businesses. Here are the 50 quotes for startup which are mentioned below.

  1. If you chase the vision and not the money then money will end up following you.
  2. Any time is a good time to start a company.
  3. We only have two be right ones, so don’t worry about failure.
  4. Look out for people who want to change the world: the secret to successful hiring.
  5. Going through hell, don’t think, keep going.
  6. Ideas are accommodation but their execution is not.
  7. After failing don’t regret; regret only when you don’t try.
  8. The way to go on a good start is to quit talking and start doing.
  9. I have failed over and over again in my life and this is how I succeed.
  10. We have so many ideas but only a few know how to implement them. Not next week, not tomorrow just do it today.
  11. The customers that are most unhappy with you are the greatest source of learning.
  12. Learn off-line learn early.
  13. We all have our choices; so build yourself a great story.
  14. The value and importance of an idea are only known if we use it.
  15. Paycheck is not more important than reputation, career is not much more important than integrity. 
  16. Don’t think about it in the shower, it’s hard to do a really good job on anything.
  17. An entrepreneur is someone who has a good vision for something and wants to create.
  18. The best start-ups generally come from someone who is ready to scratch an itch.
  19. Each day is a wasteful day if we do not spend our day improving our product.
  20. We must stay self-funded as long as possible.
  21. Perseverance, timing, hard work, and trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.
  22. The worst thing between starting and failing is not starting something. 
  23. When I will die and plan to look back on my life and I wanted to say “wow that was an adventure”.
  24. Turn a rest into success.
  25. Downmarket fortunes are built and they are collected in the upmarket.
  26. Always see things in the present, even if they are present in the future.
  27. We can’t make anything viral, but we can make things good.
  28. Never worry about funding if you do not need it. Today it’s cheaper to start your business than ever.
  29. Emotion gets beaten by data.
  30. You don’t need 100 people to develop your idea for a start-up.
  31. A startup basically refers to 50 quotes for startup company that is confused about the product, its customers, and how to make money.
  32. All human beings are intrapreneurs, they not just start their company but will to create the same is there in human DNA.
  33. It doesn’t matter how much brilliant or genius you are you will lose out to our team if you are playing a solo game.
  34. The best way to change yourself is that you must hang out with those people who are already the way you want to be.
  35. Don’t be flashy. There is always someone better than you.
  36. What you don’t know in the beginning becomes your greatest asset, so embrace what you don’t know.
  37. We start a business because to know our customers; to know if our product is better than others and also desire to succeed.
  38. As long as you are thinking, think big.
  39. Fearlessness is like a muscle, so exercise it to move.
  40. Taking risks is safer than thinking about what others think about us.
  41. We must focus on things which we can do rather than on the things which we can’t do and must know what thing makes us an exception.
  42. A person which is quietly comfortable comes out to be the best leader.
  43. Always do things that are more than expected.
  44. We don’t learn walking by rules rather we learn it by doing and falling over.
  45. Do high expectations from yourself; it is key to everything.
  46. I never took a day off in my 20’s. Not one.
  47. We must pay attention to what people need and what has not been done yet.
  48. Don’t be afraid, be confident and let all your dreams come true.
  49. Trust your instincts.
  50. The theory is splendid but useless until put into practice.
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