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Hey Readers! Today we are here with an essential article which can help a lot of people, especially from Mumbai. After going through the title you must have understood our concern. In this COVID-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs and are forced to shut down their stores as per government laws. Are you one of those people who are suffering due to this pandemic? Do you want to start a small business in Mumbai? In this article on “Small Business Ideas in Mumbai | Top 5 Best Business Ideas in Mumbai“, we are going to suggest some small business ideas which you can adapt and make some money. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the article.


Mumbai is a metropolitan city in the outskirts of Maharashtra which is mainly known for its beauty, culture, Bollywood crowd, beaches, and many more. Many successful people belong to this land of superstars. Whether you take Sports or Bollywood, the majority of candidates belong to Mumbai. But at the same time, nowadays many Mumbaikars are struggling to earn. If one is thinking of putting up a small business in Mumbai, I would say the idea is very good. It’s a city where growth is reaching skies every individual days’. People who live there for their livelihood almost succeed with the bunch of confidence and support in their hands.

Best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

Some of the well known small business ideas in Mumbai an individual can look into are briefed below:

1. Restaurants/Cafe

When we talk about restaurants it can be any type of restaurant/cafe. Like restaurants that are opened up for business, food services, etc. It’s a good opportunity for a new startup who would like to invest, as people are mostly into food specially made in the streets of Mumbai. A restaurant or a cafe opened up in Mumbai will benefit the individual who would like to go ahead with the idea.

Small Business Ideas in Mumbai  Top 5 Best Business Ideas in Mumbai-1-getinstartup

We could find different types of the public who would like to use restaurant especially to have their meals in all the three to four times of the day. If an individual misses a meal of a day it’s best to have it from a nearby cafe or a restaurant. One can locate his/her cafe near a crowded place where mostly the public would roam around or near a business organization as these people are the ones who miss a day meal and would grab it from a nearby restaurant or a cafe.

2. Tuition Center/Coaching Center

It has been another important aspect for small businesses. We can find in every corner’s the tuition centers or coaching center’s available for various mediums of education. There are mentors who would like to earn extra other than the professional earnings so it’s like a side business that they can open up in their homes or they can open up in those places where the many other coaching centers are opened up.

These days there are many educational opportunities that require professional educators so they open up coaching centers to help up the students. Now in the pandemic situation, it’s now online classes that are taking place which make it more convenient for the student and for the teacher to communicate about their education. Online courses are offered nowadays. These are the most relevant small business ideas in Mumbai.

3. Event Management

We all know about Indian weddings. It’s a very big event that is organized in a very luxurious and expensive way. So it’s a very good opportunity for event management to look after those big-fat Indian weddings who would like to have it in a big manner. This event management is a very prosperous Small Business Ideas in Mumbai. They all know how to conduct an event, what all are required for an event to go fruitful.

In fact, they have wide connectivity with every sort of channel that is really required to make an event happening. Even in this pandemic the event management business is not that much affected because weddings are happening every time and the people required to look after. From engagement to wedding, the event managers are skilled to make the customer happy and to do their job happily.

4. Trainers

Another small business that can be opened up in Mumbai is the job of a trainer. If we talk about a trainer, it can be any type of trainer i.e. trainer can be provided for many things like yoga trainer, dance trainer, fitness trainer, music trainer, etc. This option for a small business is also very beneficial as they too earn a lot in a very short time.

If an individual is an expert in his/ her own field then he/ she can earn a handsome amount from becoming a trainer. These days online trainers are also available. If a customer is not able to attend physically due to his/her own personal reasons, they are provided with online training at the customer’s time availability. It saves both the customer and the trainers time & effort which can be done with an online facility.

5. Delivery Services

We all know that every individual is busy and occupied with his/her own life which becomes difficult to look after some services that are required for self. So delivery service is another option which is also fruitful to those who are thinking to start a tiny business from their own tiny earning. There are a variety of delivery services done these days like grocery delivery, food package delivery, courier delivery, etc. like Swiggy. This business not only looks after customer satisfaction but also provides employment opportunities for the unemployed.

Small Business Ideas in Mumbai  Top 5 Best Business Ideas in Mumbai-2-getinstartup

There are many people who would like to do earn, who don’t feel that their present earnings are enough to feed them so they think of a side business- so which people look after like this small jobs which provides them with another earning opportunity plus it’s a help to the customer as well. We just have to order something online and the product will be delivered to one’s doorstep in half an hour time.


Hence, above mentioned are some of the small business ideas that can help an individual or a group of people who are thinking of starting a small business in Mumbai. One should have a proper plan, a small number of earnings at back and many other backup plans so that their small business can turn up to a bigger one in the future. Mumbai is a place of hidden opportunities, one should grave to the end to find the gold from the dust to earn the best.

Hopefully, our article on “Small Business Ideas in Mumbai | Top 5 Best Business Ideas in Mumbai” helped you to find the right option to start a new venture in Mumbai. If you find this article insightful, then please let us know in the comment section. We’ll love to hear from you.

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