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We all love shopping online, selecting fashion wears of our choice from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. But, did you ever shop from SHEIN? Remember SHEIN? Well, who doesn’t like affordable yet stylish clothes? After all, everybody wants to look fashionable and trendy so, how about having such an online platform where all these fashionable treats are served to you on a single platter. Yes, folks! SHEIN was one such platform that could fulfill all your fashion cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. However, there goes a lot of hard work, creativity, and planning behind the success of such a venture. The MASTERMIND who brought SHEIN up the ladder of success is CHRIS XU. But, Have you ever wondered, what was the idea behind SHEIN? If in the affirmative, then have a look at my article on “SHEIN Founder – Success Story of the Founder of SHEIN”

Let’s Appreciate Chris Xu

The China-based entrepreneur Yangtian Xu famously known as Chris Xu was born in America in the year 1984. He completed his higher education at Washington University. He is also the SHEIN founder.

SHEIN Founder-Success Story of the  Founder of SHEIN-1-getinstartup

I guess now you have an idea who Chris Xu is? If yes, then let’s start the success story of the founder of SHEIN.

How he Pursued his Dream to SHEIN (shine)?

Chris Xu started his career in 2007 with a trading premium company NANJING ADAO. But, he wanted to pursue something of his own. With his work experience, he found about the commercial value of Chinese goods in International markets. Then, he along with two co-founders started an online retail store. Through research, he explored the popularity of wedding dresses in the International Market and banked upon this idea which led him to gain profit.

He used the funds earned to build up SHEIN in 2008. Besides these funds, key
Investors of SHIEN are JAFCO, IDG, and Greenwoods.

While handling his newly founded business along with trading. He had put his feet into marketing sales and managed to do it well like a good leader. He added on to the business with his innovative strategies in terms of pricing, collection, and involvement of designers from across the world.


SHEIN is also known as SHELNSIDE this pocket-friendly e-commerce platform
offers a wide range of products like western clothing, jewelry, footwear, bags other accessories for women, kids, and men. Chris Xu is Shein Founder.

The headquarters of Shein is located in Shenzen, China. SHEIN has massive production of over 10000 new products per month and its half the of range of other very famous brands not just its low price SHEIN has adopted various strategies to boom the sale.

Various Strategies used to Boom Sales of SHEIN

1. The target group of SHEIN is young shoppers.

2. The lucrative price range with a pool of designer clothing.

3. SHEIN collaborated with many influencers from social media platforms like
youtube, Instagram, TikTok to promote their sales.

4. It promotes body positivity by including plus sizes for all body types (up to

5. Special discount coupons and codes are being offered from time to time on Shien.

6. It offers various modes of payment: Debit card, Credit card, American
Express, Google Pay, PayPal, and many more.

7. The customers across the world with the US being the largest market. SHEIN has been working hard to maintain a long-term reputation even outside the native country of China. It ships its items to approximately 220 countries.

Well, Hard Work Does Pay Off!

A company that didn’t even have its own supply chain before 2014 emerged with revenue exceeding $1.5 billion by 2017. The SHEIN founder Chris Xu sank his teeth into his belief of letting SHIEN – Shine. The hard-working young man created his own supply chain with an in-house design team. Within two years, he developed a SHEIN community of 800 dedicated designers and other team workers for a super-fast production and delivery system. These numbers both of profits and team members keep on soaring till date.

Success Story of the Founder of SHEIN is all about hard work and dedication to do something big in your life.

Achievements of SHEIN

Here are some achievements of SHEIN in the success story of the founder of SHEIN mentioned below.

1. Recently, SHEIN was found to be the most downloaded shopping app in the world (according to analytics platform App Annie).

2. It ranked in the top 10 in the US, Brazil, Australia, UK, and Saudi Arabia.

3. SHEIN has shown 50% of year-over-year (YOY) growth.

4. In the year 2021, SHEIN’s mobile app has more than 7 million active users
within a month in the US alone.

The Fate of Chris Xu – SHEIN in India

Once SHEIN was a very well-known app in India. It was one of the most likable online shopping platforms(like Flipkart and Amazon) in India. In the year 2018 i.e. only one year after its launch in India it had over five million downloads in our country. The reports claimed of having about 10k orders per day in the country.

However, In the year 2020, due to border tension and security reasons between India and China. The home minister states that SHEIN and other Chines apps may misuse the data of Indians in an unauthorized manner because the Indian authorities have banned 59 Chinese apps including SHEIN on 29 June 2020.

Chris Xu really SHINED by proving his entrepreneur skills through SHEIN.
What do you think about SHEIN being banned in India? Drop your views in the
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