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Hello Viewers! I hope you all are fine and healthy. Well, Today we are here again with another article and would also be coming with more interesting articles in the future. So, let us now focus on this article first. You might have come across the term “Leadership” in your life. This term is the easiest of all to understand, but most people fail to apply it in their lives. Leadership is the art of motivating others to achieve the goal of the same interest. Leaders have the ability to provide the path of success to others. If the above words help you to picture the scene? If yes, then wait until our article “Path Goal Theory of Leadership” is done.

What is Path Goal Theory of Leadership?

Path Goal Theory of Leadership is a process that tells us that how a leader selects a specific behavior towards their employees according to the situations they faced in order to achieve success.

This theory is also known as the path goal model or path goal theory of leader effectiveness. This theory was developed by Robert House in 1971 and was revised in 1996.

The leader’s style should be changed according to the situation they are facing. To help the subordinates to work with their full potential to achieve success.

What is the Main Principle of Path Goal Theory of Leadership?

The main principle of Path Goal Theory of Leadership is that the leader’s behavior towards their subordinates should be specific according to the situation that occurred in order to achieve their goals.

The revised version of the theory also argues that the leader shall engage in different types of behavior according to the situation at hand. This theory was also influenced by the Expectancy theory.

In the end, the theory assumes that the leaders are flexible in nature and can change their style according to the situation at hand.

What are Path Goal’s 4 Leadership Behaviors?

According to Path Goal theory, the manager’s job is to guide the workers to determine their path of success in order to reach their goals. The main goal of this theory is to increase the worker’s motivation, satisfaction, and empowerment so that they become productive towards their work and give us the results. As we all know, employee satisfaction is really contingent upon a leader’s performance. As it facilitates, coaches and rewards their workers for their effective performance.

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The original path goal theory identifies the 4 leadership behaviors which are given below.

1. The direct path goal clarifying leader behavior: This is the first type of 4 leadership behaviors which refers to the situations where the leader exposes the idea and tells the employee what is expected of them and how to perform their tasks. The theory of path goal argues that this is the most effective and positive way to achieve their goal as the employee’s role and tasks are vague and basically pleasing.

2. The achievement-oriented leader behavior: This type of leader behavior refers to the situations where the leader sets the bar high as it sets challenging goals for employees, and expects them to give their 100% in their tasks, and also shows confidence in their ability to perform the tasks.

3. The participative leader behavior: In this type of leader behavior, the leader consults with their employees and asks for their suggestions before making any further decisions. This leader behavior is very effective when employees are very personally involved with their work and also with the leader.

4. The supportive leader behavior: This last type of 4 leadership behaviors is more directed towards the employee’s satisfaction and well-being. Employee’s needs and preferences are most important in this. This leader behavior is important when tasks or relationships are physically distressing.

Final Words

Leaders are not meant to control and micromanage their employees, but they are meant to guide, mentor, and support their employees on every path to success. A successful leader knows what to do next and when to execute his or her plan to achieve success.

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“Leaders are made, they are not born leaders”

Hope you find my article “Path Goal Theory of Leadership” really interesting and insightful. If yes, then do offers us feedback. And do let us know what qualities should a leader possess in them.

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