Must to Know Basic Digital Marketing for Startups -

Digital marketing is the most important way of marketing now. As an entrepreneur and having a startup, you must know some basics of digital marketing, thus here we are going to tell you must to know basic digital marketing for startups. As the world is using more and more internet day by day, using the potential of the internet for marketing is almost compulsory for every business now. Digital marketing refers to advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. We will discuss all these channels in brief here. The term digital marketing encompasses all different marketing strategies used over the internet. Digital marketing is the buzz term today and demand of digital marketers is growing. More and more companies are trying to utilize the potential of digital marketing. So it’s important to know basic digital marketing for startups owners and entrepreneurs.

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important methods of digital marketing for startups. It is the process of optimizing the content, technical setup and reach of a website so that the page of that website appear at the top of a search engine when someone searches for the related content. It is free and drives organic traffic therefore, it is best to use and must to know method of digital marketing for startups. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, are used to search for the content on the internet usually using some query or keywords. To list at the top of these search results by search engines, search engine optimization is used. According to reports, 67% of all clicks are from the first 5 listings on a search result page. Thus you can imagine the benefits of search engine optimization.

Must to Know Basic Digital Marketing for Startups -

Content marketing

You may have heard that content is the king. Yes, great content is the main boosting power of all digital marketing activities. SEO also depends on good quality content.  Offering quality content that is relevant to your audience helps them to see you as a valuable source of information and leaves a good impression. It generates brand awareness, traffic growth, and holds on the customer for a long time. This is must to follow tip digital marketing for startups if you want to grow in a big company in the future.

Paid Search and PPC

Paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the popular and latest type of digital marketing. It refers to the sponsored result on the top of the search engine results page. You have noticed this already when you search on Google the top 3 or 5 results are sponsored ads. Pay-per-click is also a very popular and effective way of marketing. Google Adsense is said to be the best in this. It refers to the ads on websites given by Google and other companies. These are also contextual advertisements that mean related to the interests of users and thus a very useful and effective way of digital marketing.

Social Networking

The use of social media is gone on an unbelievable level now. The stats say that 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook – biggest social networking site. There are a billion users on Facebook and to reach that amount of people social media marketing is almost necessary. Social media marketing involves many ways dependent on a platform used like making a page and posting on Facebook and Instagram, creating videos on YouTube. The main goal of this marketing is to engage with the users continuously and reach more and more people on the network.

Must to Know Basic Digital Marketing for Startups -

Email Marketing

Email has been in use for more than two decades, and it is still the most popular way to officially connect with people through official e-mails. Email marketing is also a trend from the start as it is effective and targeted. To reach customers and engage with them continuously, email marketing is a very good strategy. Successful email campaigns must be engaging, relevant, informative, and entertaining.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of collaboration advertising where one receives a commission for the promotion of other’s product or service. This is a popular way of marketing and also a popular way of earning money through commission. Sometimes the collaboration doesn’t involve commission and includes other benefits.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones and devices are now an integral part of our lives. The use of mobile devices is more than anything and increasing very fast. As it is regularly in contact with the user, it has an amazing potential for marketing. Mobile marketing includes all from SMS and MMS to in-app marketing, there are many ways to market on mobile devices. The increasing use of apps on mobile has opened a vast area in mobile marketing and placing ads on the app is already a popular way of marketing.

These all are must to know basic digital marketing for startups that can help them to grow. These are described in brief as these all topics can be so long. You can read more blogs on our website for details. By the way, on our amazing platform – Get in Startup, we can provide you almost all these ways to promote your startup. We can promote start-ups by social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC on our website on an affiliate basis. Contact us for promoting your startup on the cheapest cost.