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Have you ever wondered who is the mastermind behind the multibillion-dollar success of MakeMyTrip? The one and only Genius leader, Deep Kalra. He changed the traditional method of ticket booking. It gives you all the information required to travel. It makes the struggling part of ticket booking easy. Now you can book tickets from anywhere in just a few clicks. The idealist mind of Deep Kalra has led this change with his planned strategy and the years of hard work he did for the MakeMyTrip business. Let’s know more about MakeMyTrip owner Deep Kalra.

Over MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an Indian, successful online travel company. It was found in India in 2000. It has headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana. The MakeMyTrip business offers online travel services including airline tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail, and bus tickets. They have online as well as offline facilities for their customers.

They have 14 company-owned travel stores in 14 cities, and over 30 franchisee-owned travel stores in 28 cities. MakeMyTrip business is currently working in four major airports in India. They also have international offices in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok, and Dubai.

Journey of MakeMyTrip Business

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Firstly, Deep Kalra found MakeMyTrip in 2000. He studied at IIM Ahmedabad. At first, MakeMyTrip was launched in the US for the people of India to complete their travel needs. It covers a vast area where it offers tickets.

Secondly, in September 2005, MakeMyTrip owner launched an online platform that offers online flight tickets to Indian travelers. The MakeMyTrip business started expanding their business after seeing the growth and success of the MakeMyTrip business. The company also started to give non-air businesses like holiday packages and hotel bookings.

Successful Leadership of MakeMyTrip Owner

MakeMyTrip Owner realized the need for online travel services. Therefore, he fulfilled it by launching an online platform like MakeMyTrip business. Deep Kalra transforms the travel sector with the use of the latest technology and the internet. Under his leadership, the MakeMyTrip business has launched innovative features, such as flight and hotel bookings, holiday packages, and bus and train ticketing.

Deep Kalra idealist leadership helped MakeMyTrip business to become a competitor on a global level. It gives customers a hassle-free online booking experience.

Business Model used by Deep Kalra

Deep Kalra used an innovative business model for the MakeMyTrip business that changes the travel industry in India. With the MakeMyTrip business, Deep Kalra introduced an online travel agency model that provided customers with a comprehensive platform for flight and hotel bookings, holiday packages, and other travel-related services. The MakeMyTrip business has partnered with leading airlines and hotels. Deep Kalra offered a wide range of options for customers.

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In addition, Deep Kalra used technology especially mobile applications to increase user convenience and accessibility. The MakeMyTrip business model focuses on a customer-centric approach and strategic partnerships. MakeMyTrip business made it a tough competitor in the market with its continuous innovation and success.

Funding Raised

Under the leadership of Deep Kalra, MakeMyTrip business successfully raised a good amount of funds to expand its business. With his strong strategy, MakeMyTrip secured funding in crores. MakeMyTrip owner has attracted investments from various sources, including venture capital firms, private equity investors, and strategic partnerships.

The funding raised by Deep Kalra in crores has given access to MakeMyTrip to invest in technological advancements. This financial support has supported MakeMyTrip’s owner to expand its reach. It also has partnerships with famous hotels and many others.


MakeMyTrip owner Deep Kalra has attracted investments from a diverse range of famous investors. Investors like the company include global investment firms like Tiger Global Management, SAIF Partners, and Sequoia Capital. In addition, MakeMyTrip has secured investments from industry leaders such as Ctrip (now Group), an established Chinese online travel company. It has also its reach at the global level. These investors not only supported the MakeMyTrip owner financially but also gave strategic guidance to the MakeMyTrip business.

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Further Plans

MakeMyTrip owner Deep Kalra has ambitious plans for its further growth. Firstly, the company is planning to strengthen its position as a brilliant player in the online travel industry. Secondly, the MakeMyTrip owner plans to continue investing in advanced technology and customer-centric innovations. It will continue to provide customers with a hassle-free travel booking experience. At last, the company is focused on expanding its international relations. It will also form strategic partnerships to tap into global markets.

Way Forward

On the way forward, the MakeMyTrip owner used many key strategies. Firstly, the company is using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to smooth the experience for its users. Secondly, MakeMyTrip business is planning to deepen its focus on customer engagement and loyalty, by offering exclusive benefits and rewards to further strengthen its relationship with users. Lastly, the company will maintain its innovation by involving customers and market needs.

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