How to get new Business Ideas? - Best ways, you should know - getinstartup

How to get new Business Ideas? – Best ways, you should know

You may be passionate about a particular idea or it may be a perfect fit with your skills, A Business still has to be an idea that people need and are willing to buy. Now the main question arises is: – How to get new business ideas? This is a valid question and most important. Here we are sharing some tips on how and where you can find the new business ideas. So let’s start and stay with us for 1 minute, till last.

So, you need to consider a few things to generate one!

Promising new business ideas emerge from a few sources: Changing environment trends, Unsolved problems, and gaps in the market place. Let’s begin with how to get business ideas:-

Changing environment trends:-

The most essential trends are economic trends, social trends, technological advancements, and political actions.

How to get new Business Ideas? - Best ways, you should know - getinstartup

Changes in these areas often provide the opportunity for new business ideas. The most promising areas include finance, travel, housing, recreation, and health care.

Technological advances:- After a technology is created, products often emerge to advance it. For example, Apple airpods has an entire industry that produces apple airpods accessories.

Unsolved problems:-

The second approach to identify business ideas is to recognize the problem and finds ways to solve them. Problems can be experienced or recognised by people through their jobs, hobbies or everyday activities.

Sometimes, Advancements in technology result in problems for people who can’t use the technology in the way it’s sold to the masses.

For instance, Some older people find traditional cell phones hard to hear someone in a noisy room. To solve this problem, GreatCall designed a cellphone called Jitterbug specially for old users.

Gaps in the market place:-

There are many products that consumers need or want that aren’t available in a particular location or aren’t available at all.

Large retailers like Walmart which compete primarily on price and offer the most popular items targeted towards mainstream consumers.

While this approach allows the retailers to achieve economies of scale, It leaves gaps in the market place.

How to get new Business Ideas? - Best ways, you should know - getinstartup

A few instances of developing niche marketplaces incorporate Fiverr and ShareDesk, where the former is catered towards giving freelance services to entrepreneurs while the ShareDesk enables one to book workspaces in various different areas.

Alternative techniques for generating new business ideas:-


In a formal Brainstorming session, the Leader of the group requests that the members share their thoughts. One individual offers their thought, a subsequent individual responds to it, a third individual responds to the response, and so on.

How to get new Business Ideas? - Best ways, you should know - getinstartup

For instance, during the creation of Proactiv, a popular acne treatment product, Dr. Katie Rodan, one of the company’s founders, hosted dinner parties at her house and conducted brainstorming sessions with guests.

Another approach to brainstorming is to utilize the three common sources of business ideas above. You can consider them while brainstorming in order to get new good ideas.

Library research:-

Another approach to generating business ideas is to conduct library research. A natural tendency is to think that an idea should be chosen and the process of researching the idea should then begin.

Often the best business ideas emerge when the general notion of an idea, like opening an innovative type of business often emerges with extensive library research.

The best approach to utilizing a library is to discuss your general area of interest with a reference librarian, who can point specific magazines, trade journals, and reports.

Simply browsing through several issues of a trade journal on a topic can spark new ideas!

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