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Hola readers! I hope everyone is doing well and safe. We are back with an interesting and informative topic about Health Tech Startups, these are the perfect amalgamation of Health Care Startups and tech startups. These health tech startups are the ones that not only building good fortunes but also serving and helping millions of people by improving the technologies and services in the health care startups sector. Aging populations, increasing patient demands, and therefore the rise of lifestyle diseases, alone pressurize on costs for delivering care square measure forcing care startups to boost the standard of their services and lower their prices. In this article, we’ve explained “Top Health tech companies  |Top Healthcare Startups | Best Healthcare Startup “. Let us firstly perceive “What is Health Tech Startups”?

Some of the technologies that these Healthtech Startups/Healthcare Startups use are blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and advanced sensors, etc; because of these technologies, the health tech startups are making innovations in the Healthcare Startup domain.

What are Health Tech Startups/Healthcare Startups?

Healthtech startups are the fastest growing vertical within the health care startup sector. It comprises technologies that are enabled by health care startups products and services that will be delivered or consumed outside of a hospital or physician’s office—one important exception being hospital and practice management software.

Healthtech Companies may also offer quality and different info technologies to boost health care delivery whereas decreasing prices. One example is  Outcome Health, an organization that provides communicating area technologies to interact with patients as they wait to check their supplier.

Healthtech vs Med-tech?

While health tech startups are focused on optimizing personal and preventative care, the medical technology—Medtech—vertical focuses on therapeutic technologies and medical devices that treat existing medical problems and diagnostic technologies that notice medical conditions (i.e. in-hospital care).

Top Health Tech Companies and Top Healthcare Startups


Foundation Year  2016
Location in India  Bengaluru
Fundings  418 Million USD

CureFit is a health tech startup that is an innovative combination of fitness engagement, training, and delivery through a  mixture of online and offline channels. It is providing a sequence of fitness centers for dance, yoga, workout.

Health Tech Startups Healthcare startups  Top health tech companies Top healthcare startups Best healthcare startup-1-getinstartup
  • CultFit    Gymnasium and residential coaching
  • MindFit  On-line mental health program
  • EatFit  A healthy food delivery platform that gives healthy meals, snacks, and beverages.
  • LiveFit provides products for live fitness and attentiveness categories from cult coaches.


Foundation Year2015
Location in IndiaMumbai
 Fundings           552 Million USD  

PharmEasy is one of the Top health care startups which is a supplier of a web platform for ordering medicines and diagnostic tests. It offers a smartphone (healthcare)app for ordering medicines from a nearby pharmacy and a residential sample assortment for diagnostic testing from near labs.

Users will transfer the image of their prescription and place orders with the nearby pharmacy. Also, allows users to look and book for diagnostic tests with home samples assortment. The platform can also be used for purchasing other Healthcare Startups and supplements


Foundation Year2008
Location in IndiaBengaluru
Fundings251Million USD

Practo being one of the best healthcare startups offers an internet platform for appointment booking, telemedicine, and apply management. It offers a web-based platform that profits not only to patients but also to doctors. It allows patients to flick through doctor profiles online, book confirmed appointments, and obtain chat-based teleconsultation.

The platform offers a subscription-based cloud product referred to as Practo ray that permits doctors and clinics to manage their practices and a well-renowned management resolution. Subscribers will manage their reports and medical knowledge and buy medications through the app.


Founded Year2014
Location in India Noida
Funding228Million USD

Innovaccer, a health tech company that is a supplier of cloud and AI-based patient health knowledge analytics platforms. The merchandise is employed in centers for population health management. The corporate has developed an information activation cloud-based platform to gather, analyze, and supply insights on patient health.

The company’s offerings comprise InNote, InConnect, InGraph, and in care. The options of the merchandise embody AI-based patient engagement, call support, etc. It provides multiple solutions like virtual care networks, remote patient analysis, SDOH management, etc.


Founded Year1998
Location in IndiaAhmedabad
Fundings220Million USD  

Indegene, a top health tech company that gives a suite of health reform solutions to payers and suppliers in North America and acquires its position among the top healthcare startups or among the top health tech companies. The company’s payer solutions portfolio includes transformation, care management, member acquisition and engagement, analytics, and Medicare analyzing; and provider and ACO solutions portfolio includes transformation services, outcomes improvement, patient engagement, and analytics.

Health Tech Startups Healthcare startups  Top health tech companies Top healthcare startups Best healthcare startup-2-getinstartup

It additionally operates cloud-based platforms for client engagement, member loyalty and retention, and care management.


Foundation Year2013
Location in IndiaBangalore
Fundings151Million USD  

MedGenome, a health tech company and among the top healthcare startups that offers end-to-end clinical genetics for Indian pharma, hospitals, and clinics and bioinformatics to world pharmaceuticals, research, and medical specialty organizations. It will facilitate physicians and hospitals to pinpoint patients’ mutation hotspots, determine current cancer sorts, flag potential sensitivity to therapies, and link mutations to open clinical trials.


Foundation Year2011
Location in IndiaGurugram
Fundings89Million USD

HealthKart Medical is a supplier of in-home healthcare startups services in India. It works with hospitals and individuals to boost health outcomes by providing home visits from clinicians. Its services concentration on geriatric, post-operative, chronic diseases, and first care treatments.

Summing Up

According to some estimates, the worldwide digital health market /health tech startups or healthcare startups are predicted to exceed $504.4 billion by 2025; that’s an approximately six-fold increase from its $86.4 billion 2018 valuation. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of and therefore the innovation in digital health and can propel this growth within the upcoming years. So these were the top healthcare companies or top health tech startups

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