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Hey readers! Are you a foody person? Do you like to try a new variety of food? Would you like to order online the food after coming home from a tiring day of work or are you ready to prepare food at home? Well, guesses can be that every individual would order online food when they are back home from a very tiring day. So readers the topic for readers to merge themselves is – Food Startups in India | Top 10 Food Startups in India. Let us fill our readers with amazing facts about the food startups in India.

Top 10 Food Startups In India:


I am pretty sure that all our readers have heard and talked about ZOMATO. It is one of the Top 10 Food Startups in India. The best service they offer is that we can order online food and beverages at any time. They deliver the food to our doorstep, without a minute late. They supply the customers with the best service without any discomforts. ZOMATO is the most serviceable Food Startups in India. To comfort the customers they have provided the purchaser with an app facility where they can order food. The rates of every food item are affordable. The company even comes up with discount offers so that on special occasions the patronage can order with the offers they are made available with.


It is another type of Food Startup in India. The main benefits they supply the consumers are – no minimum order, live order tracking & lightning-fast delivery. The company owns an app that makes it convenient and easier for the buyer to place an order while sitting at home. They make sure that the food is made available to each and every customer at a very less delivery time and also provide a live track where the buyers can track the information regarding the food. The company even provides many employment opportunities to many unemployed personages. Hence Swiggy is another best option among the Top 10 Food Startups in India.


Many of our readers might not have heard about this Food startup in India. This startup was launched in the Indian market in the year 2004. It is an Indian startup. They provide food “on-demand service.” This food startup was found by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee. They both together brought up the idea of a food startup in India. Like every entrepreneur, the main agenda for them was to provide their consumers with food and beverages on time without delay on both modes – online & offline. everyone should try Faasos.


Biryani by Kilo

Who is not a biryani lover? Are you readers a biryani lover? So, here is a Food startup in India. The main people who worked out together to bring this up are Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal. It is one of the Top 10 Food Startups in India. The entrepreneurs dispense the biryani lovers with a large range of biryanis. They engage in preparing biryanis. They prepare freshly cooked biryani and they are delivered.


Readers do you search for the best place to have dinner or lunch with family & friends. Everyone does that, everyone would like to search for the best place for the food. So, Dineout is that such an app for food lovers where they can search the beat and nearby dine-outs with friends & family. This app was launched by 4 people.- Ankit Mehrotra, Nikhil Bakshi, Sahil Jain, and Vivek Kapoor in 2012. Their aim was to establish an app that will help food lovers to search for the best dine-outs in nearby places in an affordable place.

Inner Chef

This food startup was found by the trio power of men –Rajesh Sawhney, Sanjeev Singhal, and Bal DiGhent at Haryana in April 2015. The working business model was different for this trio than all other food startups. They started their journey with the thought of – ” ingredient box “. They changed their working model accordingly to the time and people’s demands plus also the business demands for survival. The company’s first product they released was the combo box of a panini, salad, and juice priced between Rs 200 and Rs 250. Hence, Inner Chef bought changes and the business marched on to heights.


The Falafel Factory

Have you ever heard of someone starting a food startup with Falafel? Well here is one of the food startups that actually begin their business on falafel. They invented Falafel Factory and the mastermind behind this food startup is – Chirag Thaker & Akanksha Prasad. Falafel is a middle eastern dish that includes the main ingredients as spiced mashed chickpeas or any other pulses, which are given the shape of a circle or balls, and finally, they are deep-fried. They are usually had with pitta bread. So the founders of Falafel Factory started a startup in which the main element was falafel.

Fresh Menu

A women entrepreneur is the main mastermind for this food startup. the boss lady’s name is- Rashmi Daga. She is the Founder & CEO of the Fresh Menu which is an online food delivery service. Like every entrepreneur, she also had dabbed into many sectors like education, jewelry, IT, medical, and cab services. The main idea behind her food startup was that she would serve her online & offline customers with fresh food. The menu was different every day as other startups keep their menu the same. Her idea was different and she worked differently.


It is another food startup that is the fastest on-demand food delivery company. The startup was invented by two people- Anshul Gupta & Amit Raj  & they are IIT graduates, which was founded by them in 2012. Every startup has an aim before they start it. The main aim behind it was – Irresistible Desi Meals. The food startup now serves in main cities like – Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore & Mumbai. They deliver the customer the food in 38 minutes without no delivery charges & they make delivery till 1 in the morning. So, next time drive to Box8.



Are you a momo crazy lover? Are you thrived to eat momos? Well here is another food startup that had reached the sky just a few times. Wow! Momo is a food startup that serves all types of Momos. It is available everywhere. You can find the outlet nearby your home as well. The main man behind this food startup is –Sagar Daryani, co-founder-CEO. Next time when you are cravings for momo, think of Wow! Momo.

At the end

In India, you can find every individual food lover. If you are planning to open up a food startup that is a great idea. One should go one with the idea. In India, you could find many cuisines to try so why not try a food startup with a variety of cuisines? Let an entrepreneur be the food startup in India.

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