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In the world driven by innovation and technology, Eveez emerges as a revolutionary force, transforming our lives and opening up an area of endless possibilities. Don’t leave!  You might think I am bluffing. In this blog, we will read about Eveez Electric scooter.

That’s what I thought of this idea, but believe it or not, it’s true.  Eveez, a smarter vehicle for smart Indians, is the best electric vehicle of this generation. So, without further delay, let us quickly examine how this could be your next fantastic step in an automobile purchase.

Eveez Electric: Where Technology Meets Wonder

Eveez Electric is an automobile rental company under eMaaS that provides the user with automobile rental services. Before we get more into specifics about Eveez, let’s understand eMaaS.  eMaaS is an electric mobility service in the countries of Europe that aims to work towards increasing the use of electric vehicles all over the world. With eMass, electric cars are made with the help of new, innovative technologies and business models.

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Need of Eveez Electric Vehicles

Major delivery companies like Swiggy and Zomato spend a lot of money on fuel to get food to customers. According to Zomato, an average delivery person spends Rs. 10,000 per month on fuel.

Also, the amount of pollution generated by the burning of fuel is quite alarming. As per the reports at eia.gov, nearly 92% of air pollution is due to automobiles’ release of carbon dioxide. Now, it’s quite high time that we think of substituting vehicles for renewable sources of energy. Eveez is the one word answer for all these problems.

One-Time Investment

The increasing price of fuel is a major concern among the general public. According to one data point, a household must set aside 30% of their salary for fuel. The time spent on getting a driving licence and other documents for your vehicles is quite a time-consuming process. This electric scooter is the solution to their monetary problems also.

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Eveez offers an exciting one-time investment opportunity that brings long-term benefits and access to its cutting-edge technologies and services. By making a one-time investment in Eveez, individuals and businesses gain a lifetime membership to an innovative ecosystem that revolutionizes various aspects of life, work, and entertainment.

Enter the Eveez Era

Eveez was started in 2015 by Gaurav Rathore and Abhishek Diwedi, who worked together as a team. As per the data published by Startup Talk, the company has sold over 3,40,000 electric vehicles, which accounts for 10% of the market. Eveez has gotten a total of $1 million in funding, which has helped the company improve the technical side of Eveez.

The trip that Eveez’s co-founder Gaurang Rathore took to Europe gave him the idea for the company. During his travels, he found that electric vehicles are easy to use and the best way to see the Alps.

Because of this, he started getting in touch with companies that made electric bikes and opened a travel agency. A similar experience was had by Abhishek Diwedi, who, on a trip to Leh, realised the need for electric vehicles in India. Initially, Eveez  faced a lot of hurdles because of preconceived ideas about electric vehicles. Users weren’t convinced about the payload capacity of electric vehicles.

Embrace a New Era of Possibilities

Eveez provides electric services on a subscription basis. During this period, users get all kinds of services, including swapping of batteries, maintenance services, and consumables, without having a lock system. This is a rental service. The company is providing four types of plan as of now. This includes the Shine plan, the Super Shine Plan, the Flare plan and the Super Flare Plan.

Shine plan costs 3,300 rupees plus 6% GST and has a range of 60km. The Super Shine plan costs Rupees 4500 with 6% GST and provides a range of 120km. The Flare plan costs Rupees 4000 with 6% GST and provides a range of 90 km, whereas the Super Flare Plan costs around 5000 with 6% GST and has a range of 130 km. All these services are for one month.

The whole process of the service works systematically. First signing off with Eveez. After this process, a dedicated Eveez expert will guide you through various plans according to your requirements. Then comes the test drive. Upon your desire to have a subscription, the Eveez client will send you the contract.


In brief, our current future has a lot of potential for innovation and challenges. But this can only be possible if our current Mother Nature exists. It is the challenge and demand of humanity to restore nature. Non-human activities have led to a lot of damage to nature, which needs time for restoration.

Of course, humans cannot abandon their daily needs. But, yes, he can change his methods to suit the situation. Currently, Eveez Electric solves our reliance on fossil fuels and improves the GDP. Humans, as stated, cannot escape from where they came from.

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