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Greetings to all! After going through the title, you must have an idea of the topic which we are going to discuss in our article. Etsy is a wonderland for each one of the individuals who are energetic about uniquely crafted things, vintage, or the individuals who are into making customized stuff themselves. But, the biggest issue is, Is it worth selling on Etsy, and if that it is, what are the Top Selling Items on Etsy? Most Traders are unaware of the trends and current stats going on with Etsy India. Due to this lack of information, these new traders don’t match the size of the sale as compared to the traders who had done full research. Finally, the wait is over, you have chosen the right place to get equipped with the even and odds of what sells best on Etsy through our article on “ETSY INDIA – The Store you must know

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an e-commerce website that provides artisanal products a platform, displaying inventive works of jewelry, clothing, ornamental things, and different handicrafts by freelance boutiques and artists. Creative expression comes alive with their curation of product, and creators square measure gave a portal to indicate the planet their ability.

With every and each artisanal product fascinating North American country, we have a tendency to determine to the man of the cloth fifteen creators that square measure keeping the art of handicraft alive in the Republic of India.

Therefore, scroll on for lovely hand-made silk saris, block prints, knotty bangle, and anklet styles and know the places where you can sell all this on Etsy India – The store you must know.

Best Places to sell on Etsy India – The Store

1. Art by Susmitha

Silver and copper wire, gemstones, crystals move with creator Susmitha’s individual vogue to make what she calls ‘Mystical vegetarian jewelry’. As a zealous vegetarian, Reiki therapist, and Tarot reader, all her earthy characteristics notice expression in her creations. With chemical compound clay, she molds beautiful miniature sculptures sculptured in animal figures.

Singularity embodies every and each one among her lovely product, and every one her product square measure one-of-a-kind since she ne’er makes a reproduction of something she has created once. therefore, if you see one thing you prefer, boost Cart instantly, because there won’t be another one!


As production becomes additional mass-market and efficient, retail brands provide constant, ordinary tired, and generic styles that lull your closet into a state of dissatisfaction. With Shruti Chopra’s BOOTiKA, the creative components of fashion and accessories square measure reignited, together with her assortment of tees, bags, and belts, every meticulously hand-painted with exquisite styles. And this quaint, creative charm options on pillows and cushions additionally. This is one of the best stores on Etsy India – The Store you must know.

3. Datawala

Owned by Shahid Datawala, a Mumbai-based maker, piece of furniture design, and art artist. The net store Datawala options a number of the foremost uncommon product you may ever stumble upon. Impressed by the city’s underbelly, he handcrafts all his ornaments and piece of furniture mistreatment recycled material, starting from electrical copper wire to vintage cutlery.

And whereas, skeptics might question his outlandish styles, his creative thinking has received validation at the hands of virtually each major fashion magazine in the Republic of India.

4. Eco Cloth Store

While the planet goes back associate degreed forth debating the advantages of organic life, this tiny Mumbai-based search on Etsy has been marketing eco-friendly articles of clothing for a minute currently, made of organic cotton, bamboo, and banana yarns, Glycine max bean supermolecule, then forth. Their lovely solid-colored articles square measure outshone solely by their resplendent print work cloth.

Flowers, roots, onions, natural indigo on the square measure used with organic turmeric to dye garments, that even helps within the larger efforts to forestall pollution.

5. Everything Indian

Every Indian woman, in her childhood, has had that moment wherever she’s wrapped the six yards of her mother’s favorite silk frock loosely around herself and paraded the play around her house. For that tiny woman buried somewhere in you, visit Everything Indian to feel real and pure silk against your skin in lovely colors, styles, and patterns.

Dupioni silk cloth, silk stoles, authentic silk textile waiting to be formed at this store has it all. From Kurtis to curtain drape material, you’re each would like will be consummated by this one-stop search.

6. India Tradition

Accessories provide life to your wardrobe, and no Indian outfit is complete while not bangles, bindis, and anklets. therefore, if the occasion is your cousin’s wedding, a family puja, Diwali, or the other event that implies elaborate ancient Indian apparel. India Tradition is that the place you wish to appear. Their styles square measure fantastically knotty, additionally as minimalist and straightforward, counting on what you’re going for.

7. IV by Divya Snigdha

Owned by 2 faculty friends, Divya and Snigdha, this store offers to sell designer outfits, each Indian and Western, tailored to fit your body. Next time you want to decorate to impress for an occurrence, flick thru their assortment, and you’ll be tagging everything with a vital label that’s straightforward to access additionally. This is another of the best stores on Etsy India – The Store you must know.

8. London Desi Project

At associate degree age, once machine merchandise square measure strain and types don’t care concerning ingenuity as long as their merchandise sell. Here, maybe a search by Preeti Kelkar, associate degree Indian based mostly in London, UN agency needed to stay the dateless styles and made a heritage of vintage, crafted textiles that boast of our country’s made heritage. Her handmade and naturally unreal assortment of scarves will be paired with Kurtis, jeans, skirts, and shorts additionally.

Etsy India - The Store you must know-1-getinstartup

9. Mahima Creations

For all people who thought there was no use of plastic and paper in the craft world, meet Vrindavan-based Gayle Lawrence, a UN agency that recycles saris and uses locally-available sacred beads and hand-made paper beads to make a hand-crafted article of clothing and accessories. And, to add a feature to it, Mahima Creations will quite simply offer very lovely ornaments. They hire widows with no different means to provide an opportunity for living. Thereby, giving them employment alongside some love and happiness.

10. Pallavik

Delhi-based Manasi Khaitan’s aim with her store was to provide the whole country with the enticing cloth accessible in her capital town. She began to man of the cloth completely different material. Having, adult up as a female offspring of a dress shop owner, she was invariably fascinated by textiles and therefore, the quiet selection that exists.

By fixing this search on Etsy India, she vouches that she has gained the chance to be a “small business owner while not having to miss out on my very little girl’s early years

So, YES! Etsy India is still a worthful platform to sell your work on. Hopefully, I have covered all the e-commerce stores in my article on “Etsy India – The Store you must know” where you can sell your work and can bag a good amount of money. And, if you feel like I missed any store, please let me know in the comment section.

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