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Hello Everyone! We are here with another trending topic in the technology world. After reading the title you must have understood what we are going to discuss today. Startups leading the path to electric mobility in India. Electrical Startups in India are playing a crucial role in evolving the electrical mobility space in India. Charging infrastructure and mobility services are the key areas for electrical startups in India with the emergence of various new business models. In addition to this, they are even creating various new business opportunities for digital technologies like charging location finders and reservation applications, online payments, and ride-sharing services. Be with us in this article on “Electrical Startups In India

Top 7 Electrical Startups in India

1. Ather Energy

Ather Energy, a Bengaluru-based electrical startup in India, develops and manufactures its own e-scooters, offers charging infrastructure through its ‘Ather Grid’, provides consumer services that include cloud software upgrades, and has also come up with new ownership models such as subscription and leasing which are proving to be popular ownership models to bring customers on board before they could convincingly adopt any new technology.

Electrical Startups in India  Top 7 Electrical Startups in India You Should Know-1-getinstartup

2. Tork Motors

Pune-based Tork Motors, which holds more than 40 different IPs with respect to their technology, design, and trademarks will soon be offering new ownership models such as leasing options and is already setting up fast-charging infrastructure in Pune.

3. DOT

DOT, a Gurugram based electrical logistics startup, supplies EVs to major e-commerce and food-tech players such as Walmart, Amazon, Grofers, Blue Dart, DHL, Lenskart, Swiggy, and McDonald’s. Investments in Indian electrical startups in India by corporate, venture capital, and private equity firms have seen a growth of 170% with a total of $376 mn being invested in 2019 as compared to $147 mn in 2018.  

Looking to stimulate and strengthen the electrical startup in India ecosystem, incubator and accelerator Huddle and early-stage venture capital firm GrowX ventures have announced India’s first acceleration programme for electrical startups in India.

The selected electrical startups in India under the program will be offered various benefits such as mentorship from industry experts, led by GrowX ventures, and pilot opportunities from companies like Exide, TATA, and Swiggy who are partners at the Huddle – GrowX electrical accelerator.

4. Yulu

Yulu is an electrical startup in India, solving the problem of connectivity. Yulu Miracle is a smart, dockless e-bike that has been designed for urban traffic conditions. Yulu is collaborating with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to provide its services in and around metro stations in Delhi. Mumbai Metro Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is also signed an MoU with Yulu in order to provide e-bikes to Metro commuters at various metro stations in the city.

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5. LetsVenture

LetsVenture, an online funding platform for startups has also launched LetsAccelerate’s electrical startups in India access resources to become investment and market-ready. By defining a regulatory framework, exploring incentives and subsidies, laying down a strong foundation of support, innovating on various business models, and making the economics of charging infrastructure work.

India can create a very robust environment for the adoption of electric vehicles to achieve its sustainability goals for a  better future.

6. SmartE

Delhi-based electrical startup in India, SmartE was begun to satisfy the requirements for safe, reliable, and last-mile availability to commuters. The recent five years have developed its fleet of vehicles from 30 three-wheeler electrical startups in India to 1,000 electric vehicles in Delhi NCR.

SmaretE has developed a versatile model in specific areas of Delhi NCR, where it has collaborated with pioneer partners to build five large electrical charging stops. The electrical startup in India has raised Series B funding of Rs 100 crore from Japenese aggregate Mitsui and Co.

7. Okinawa Autotech

Starting in 2015 by Jeetender Sharma, Okinawa Autotech makers deal with electric two-wheelers distribution and sales. The organization claims to be a 100% Indian electric bike organization and has its manufacturing unit set up in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. This electrical startup in India has also made affordable lithium-ion-fueled scooters displayed at the Auto Expo 2020. The organization surely claims to have over 40K clients and will double that count in 2020.

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Okinawa electric scooter in India is the new generation of eco-friendly and uniquely styled technology to give you a feeling of luxury and immense comfort. Okinawa Autotech aims to expand its dealership network from around 350 to more than 600 by 2021.

How to Run a Successful Electrical Startup In India

  • Benchmark Your Performance
  • Keep Your Business Plan Current
  • Stay Tuned In To Your Customers’ Needs
  • Keep your Technology Up To Date
  • Maintain Sufficient Working Capital
  • Evaluate Your Bidding Track Record
  • Optimize The Size Of Your Business
  • Maintain Your High Safety Standards
  • Think About Your Talent Pipeline
  • Ask For Referrals


The ecosystem comprises electrical startups in India that manufacture bikes and startups working in battery tech, vehicle diagnostics, and analytics, charging, and other such parts of electric vehicles.  India’s supportability objectives are subject to electric mobility and electrical startups in India supporting this drive for a greener future.