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Hey Readers! I hope everybody is safe and secure during this pandemic. we are back with another article related to success stories to motivate you all. Silicon Valley, where starts up turnout to be a massive Tech Giant, particularly the food industry is blooming each and every second, People like us wish and crave to eat in restaurants, which made easier now by 3 taps on our mobile phone. In this growing food industry, DOORDASH stands out to be unique with the emerging new technologies which surpass many companies like Uber eats, Grub-hubs, etc. In this article on “Doordash Story | Doordash Success Story“, we will detail every bit about Doordash success story. Let us start with a Motivational Quote.

Success comes down to hard work, plus passion, overtime”

Early Life of Doordash Founder

Doordash Story Doordash Success Story You Must Know About-1-getinstartup

Tony Xu, was pursuing his MBA 2nd year at Stanford University. He is quite different from other students. Tony Xu and Evan Moore belong to the same class whereas Andy Fang and Stanley Tang were pursuing their Computer Science Engineering from Stanford University. It was in the mid of 2012, these four founders were focusing to build an app for a small business that goes in the street errands.

For this, they have to make a survey, so they visited nearby coffee shops and restaurants to gather some information regarding the strategies how this app will help them out. As soon as the day is going to end, they went to a small macaroon store, in Palo Alto, where their mind got enriched with the astonishing idea. They were talking to Chloe, the manager of the store where she was portraying her business and how she used to run errands during delivery.


Suddenly, Chloe pulled out the booklet from the table and shown them how it becomes hectic for her to deliver the goodies to the consumers, that was a life-changing moment for them l, it was a light bulb moment where their mission has started.

        “Life is like chess, To win you have to make a move, Knowing which move can bring you a victory”

They spent days and nights interviewing and questioning other small businesses in and around the area and the same problem was conveyed by each and every one. ”Deliveries are becoming hectic and painful”. So, they came up with a simple prototype within few hours which sorts out the problem of small businesses.

Boom to the Technology

On Jan 12, 2013, their delivery app was born. They named it “Palo Alto Delivery”. The service spread so quickly and within 30 minutes they received their order from Thai Restaurant, this moment hold them a special place in their hearts till now. These four young boys were delivering the items in and around Stanford campus ferociously. In the day they were students and at the night they were delivery drivers.

They worked very hard. It was a very difficult time for them, they have to pick all the calls in the mid of the class, though it was hard for them these 4 aspiring members didn’t give up. In June 2013 the name “Palo Alto Delivery” was changed to “Doordash”, the official name.

The word “DoorDash” represents Door- ‘Door delivery‘ whereas Dash means –‘Delivery drivers’. Initially, the DoorDash story was formed with their own lack of delivery in their minds, build soon and it became the solution for many people in the Stanford area.


Their mission was quite simple “To enable every merchant to deliver easily to their precious customers”. This made them draw investments worth $700 million with key Investors from Khosla Ventures, Soft bank, Sequoia capital, etc. Due to their massive success, they stepped one step forward in 2018 and made a partnership with Walmart to deliver grocery items and they surpassed Uber eats to become the second-largest company in US food delivery sales behind Grub hub.


In September 2017, DoorDash story introduces a group ordering feature on its IOS and Android apps, after offering it on the web for two years. The headquarters of Doorash in California, US and now it has extended to Australia, Canada, Japan, etc. On December 31, 2020, during the pandemic time, the Doordash story platform served 4,50,000 merchants, 20,000,000 consumers, and 1 million delivery.

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The Vision of Doordash Story

Their vision is to build a local on-demand FedEx to help small businesses grow and give people meaning for their work. Now, the Doordash story stands tall withstanding the brightest logistical challenges both in engineering and in operation. Now, Doordash operates in 56 markets and more than 600 cities across North America.

Key to our Life from Doordash Success Story

Innovation is always something spectacular, to find the apt solution what customer needs, can bring out successive results. Not everyone can succeed, it requires lots of hard work, dedication, smart work, A proper team, and Customer support.

Hopefully, you got enough motivation from the Doordash Success Story and ready to conquer the world with your best startup ideas cooking up in your mind. If you want more articles like “Doordash Story | Doordash Success Story“, please let us know in the comment section.

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