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Hello readers! Hope everyone is safe and secure at their own dwelling places. It’s the pandemic season of the Covid-19, so better we stay at our homes- which is the most secure place. Today we are here with a brand new topic on “DATA MIGRATION | DATA MIGRATION ASSISTANT | SQL SERVER MIGRATION ASSISTANT”. Now, the corona is doing its job by spreading the disease at rocket speed. So, we smart people can also migrate our data from one resource to another resource in few seconds. In more a clear meaning in rocket speed. So without any further ado, let us start by the core of our article.

What is Data Migration?

It is defined as an act of shifting or passing on the information stored in a storage system to another storage system. It is the process of choosing, putting together, drawing out, and altering data & constantly transporting it from one computer storage system to another computer storage system. We often want our storage to be moving with us so it’s another option to make it easier for a user to keep transporting the valuable assets of data transferrable from one source to another.

What is Data Migration Assistant?

DMA or data migration assistant helps a user to enhance a modern data platform by determining similar problems that can impact database tasks in a new version of SQL Server. It advocates production & accuracy improvements to the target environment and allows a user to move the schema, information & ungovernable objects from a user’s source to the target server. It’s like help to the users who would like to transfer the data from one source to another with help of a data migration assistant.

What is SQL Server Migration Assistant?

We can either call it Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant, which is designed to do the job of automatic conversion of database migration to SQL Server from Microsoft Access, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and SAP ASE. It also forwards its helping hands in the data migration & data migration assistant. It starts working after the data are transported from the source. SQL server migration assistant also has the same agenda that data migration assistant does but it is made to or designed to migrate data from a particular RDBMS which is not a SQL server.

After going through the briefed definitions about Data migration. Now, let us know about the Types of data migration.

Types Of Data Migration

Now, moving further let me brief the readers with the sets or avatar of DATA MIGRATION. It is found that there are 4 main categories of the type. The names are – Storage Migration, Database Migration, Application Migration & Business Process Migration. The detailed information about the all is briefed below:

1. Storage Migration

It is a process of transferring a volume of inputs or details from an old storage system to a new storage system without the support of a provider or organizer. In simple language, it’s an exercise of transporting the data from disk to the cloud. Here the shifting of data takes place with the help of an FC cable. There’s no software application doing its part while the transferring of data.

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The activity can be performed both in offline and online mode. We can stop the activities of transferring in offline mode and in the online mode we can transfer the data while doing other operations. It’s a picture of data migration done in storage migration where an operator is transferring the details in any mode-convenient to him/her, from an old storage system to a new storage system for further business activities.

2. Database Migration

It is defined as the process of transferring informative data from more than one source database to the final databases by following the database migration system. Here, the user will be transporting more than one data from a source to another final source of the database. The diagram explains the below definition.

The diagram in the above para, states that one and more databases are shifted to the final database through the database migration system. It is easy to use. The user will enjoy the serverless experience. The design used in database migration is safe and secure making it convenient for the user.

3. Application Migration

We can define application migration as the process of migrating the software applications from one computer system to another computer system. It is also known as software migration in data migration. It includes all the processes mentioned in the picture below while passing on the software from one system to another. These are the steps involved in the application migration process. A user has to follow these steps for transferring the software applications.

4. Business Process Migration

This is defined as the process of lifting up the applications and data from one computer environment to another computer environment as it contains all the details about the customer, business companies, organizations, etc. Here the user can transfer the all-important documents, downloads, data, applications for business purposes as it is related to the customers, business organization.

Data Migration  Data Migration Assistant  SQL Server Migration Assistant-2-getinstartup

It is a safe medium for the user as it remains secure with the parties. It is cost-friendly, time-saving, and reduces manual efforts.  The picture briefs below the activity performed by the business process migration in data migration.

In Short

Data migration is also a one-time process of moving internal sources from one computer store to computer storage. It imbibes all the processes like extracting, summarizing, assessing, transferring data. Data migration assistant and SQL server migration assistant is also a hand in hand going part as they to do the same sort of similar duties that data migration does. They also help in their own ways of transferring database sources.

Hence, the above mentioned are the brief about the topic of data migration and its four types. It is useful information for the users to know about the data migration & its types. It helps computer-connected people to shift their important documents to trustworthy applications very easily. The users will get knowledge about the save-saving applications, cost benefits databases, server-less sources, etc. It’s a medium for the users to use it very effectively and efficiently.

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