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Do you know who is behind the success of Cult Fit? The visionary cult fit owner Mukesh Bansal. Before knowing Cult Fit owner Mukesh Bansal we need to know about Cult Fit. What is a Cult Fit? It is a startup in India based on fitness and wellness. It gives a category of services that contains gym memberships, fitness classes, and health consultations. A wide range of fitness programs like yoga, dance, boxing, and strength training has provided here. It has collaborated with doctors and nutritionists to give its users and subscribers the best strategy for their fitness and health.

About Cult Fit Owner

Now it’s time to know about cult fit owner Mukesh Bansal. He is the co-founder and ceo of Cult Fit. With his gained experience in e-commerce and technology, he took cult fit in the direction of progress which was not easy.

He set up the idea of Cult Fit in India in 2016 with the help of Ankit Nagori. It is founded in Bangalore which is situated in the southern part of India. The company’s headquarter is still in Bangalore. Even though they have extended their governing to many other parts of the country. Cult fit also gives a wellness plan and nutrition.

Starting Career of Cult Fit Owner

Bansal was also a co-founder of Myntra and an online retailer of fashion, in 2007. He also worked as ceo of Myntra for about eight years. Monitoring the company via fast growth and eventually selling it to Flipkart. India’s one of the largest e-commerce companies raised funds of $300 million in 2014. After Myntra Bansal joined Flipkart as a ceo, where he also showed his leadership qualities and took Flipkart to the peak of progress. In 2016 he left Flipkart to start a Cult Fit with his former colleague Ankit Nagori.

Installation of Cult Fit

In 2016 Mukesh Bnasal and Ankit Nagori establish Cult Fit, to form fitness and wellness more accessible and affordable for the people of Bangalore. The company started offering fitness classes in Bengaluru but promptly extended to other parts of the country. Its unique perspective on fitness abstracts physical exercise, mental wellness, and nutrition. Instantly resonated with subscribers, and it took the company to rapid growth.

They also told the necessity of technology in the industry of fitness. They launched a user-friendly mobile app. That gives a feature for users of booking classes to track their progress and access personalized content.

Cult Fit Owner Mukesh Bansal Leads the Way in Fitness-3-getinstartup

Expansion into New Market

In the vision of Bansal, Cult Fit has extended rapidly, opening multiple fitness centers in many cities across the country. In 2019, the company also announced its plan to make relations with the international market and extend into it starting with the United Arab Emirates. Bansal has been very dedicated to taking the expansion further, admitting the chances of Cult Fit to become a universal leader in the industry of fitness. 

Cult Fit owner Mukesh Bansal has also focused on the importance of partnerships and collaborations. Working with companies such as Tata Group and Cure Fit to extend the company’s access.

Dynamic Fitness Program

Cult Fit Owner Mukesh Bansal Leads the Way in Fitness-4-getinstartup

One of the prominent factors that make Cult Fit different from other fitness companies is its different categories of fitness programs. Cult fit has developed a variety of classes for its customers including yoga, dance, boxing, and strength training, among others. This offers choices to users for better health. Moreover, customers can choose any of these according to their needs or suitability. In comparison to traditional fitness classes, it gives mindfulness programs.

They also plan a better way to meditate. Cult fit will tell you the importance and advantages of doing those activities included in the program. Cult fit will give you a plan for a nutritious and healthy diet. It works as a subscription-based model. It also has a mobile app that provides a feature for users to book fitness classes and see their progress at a glance.

Monitoring with Vision and Aim

The Cult Fit owner Mukesh Bansal is popularly known for his leadership qualities and deterministic attitude. With his enthusiastic way of motivating his team, he only focused on the growth of the team and the welfare of people. He focused on the importance of health and wellness. Especially in India where people are facing new diseases every day. The Importance of Health in India is very prominent. They are also helping to achieve India’s G20 target which aims for health also.


Health is an important factor for all of us, keeping this in mind Bansal has developed a program and app. So, that we can follow it and make ourselves healthy. His respective and impressive quality and aim helped in developing the fitness industry. Under the leadership of Bansal, the Cult Fit is becoming India’s most successful company. Having more than one million active users and appraising over $1 billion.

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