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Are you a die-hard cricket fan? If so, keeping up with the latest cricket news must be at the top of your list. But let’s face it, not everyone has the time to sit through an entire match. That’s where Cricbuzz comes in handy. You can easily stay informed about the score and performance even when you’re on a tight schedule. So, let’s find out about the mastermind behind this amazing platform. Who are the Cricbuzz owner and Cricbuzz founder that bring joy to cricket lovers worldwide?

About Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is a popular Indian cricket news website owned by Times Internet. It offers a comprehensive platform for cricket enthusiasts, providing live coverage of matches, articles, videos, and scorecards. Founded by a team of cricket enthusiasts, Cricbuzz gained fame for its accurate and up-to-date cricket information. Over the years, it has become a worldwide go-to source for cricket fans, keeping them engaged with the latest cricket news, scores, and rankings. Cricbuzz user-friendly interface and dedication to cricket coverage have solidified its position as a leading cricket platform.

Cricbuzz Founder

Cricbuzz, a popular Indian cricket news website, was founded by Pankaj Chhaparwal and Pravin Hegde. They launched the platform in 2004 to provide cricket enthusiasts with a comprehensive source of news, articles, live coverage of matches, and videos. Their dedication to delivering high-quality cricket content led to the website’s immense success.

Cricbuzz owner Success Story of Cricbuzz Founder-2-getinstartup

Cricbuzz founder Pankaj Chhaparwal and Pravin Hegde’s vision for Cricbuzz paid off when it became a prominent name in cricket journalism. The website’s user-friendly interface and timely updates made it a favorite among cricket fans, both in India and around the world.

Early Life

After graduating from LD College of Engineering in Gujarat, Chhaparwal worked as a software engineer for a few years. However, he soon realized that his true calling was in sports journalism. In 2004, he co-founded Cricbuzz with two of his friends, Piyush Agrawal and Pravin Hegde. Chhaparwal’s early life was marked by his entrepreneurial spirit and his love for cricket.

Cricbuzz owner Success Story of Cricbuzz Founder-4-getinstartup

He was always looking for ways to innovate and improve the way that cricket fans consumed news and information. This led him to develop Cricbuzz, a website providing comprehensive cricket matches and news coverage. Cricbuzz quickly became one of the most popular cricket websites in India.

Chhaparwal’s early life experiences have shaped him into the successful entrepreneur and sports media leader that he is today. His passion for cricket and his dedication to providing fans with the best possible experience has made Cricbuzz one of the most popular and respected cricket websites in the world.

Cricbuzz Owner Times Internet

The Cricbuzz owner is Times Internet, a subsidiary of The Times Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in India. Times Internet acquired a majority stake in Cricbuzz in November 2014. However, Cricbuzz continues to be managed by its founders, Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde. Moreover, Chhaparwal remains the CEO of Cricbuzz.

Times Internet’s acquisition of Cricbuzz was a major coup for the company. Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket websites in the world, with over 50 million users worldwide. The acquisition gave Times Internet a strong foothold in the digital sports media market and under its ownership, Cricbuzz has continued to grow and expand.

The website has launched new features and products, such as a live-streaming platform and a fantasy cricket game. Cricbuzz has also expanded its reach to new markets, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the ownership of Cricbuzz has been a mutually beneficial relationship for its growth.

Cricbuzz owner can leverage Cricbuzz’s popularity to attract new users to its digital platforms. They have benefited from Times Internet’s financial resources and expertise, which has allowed them to invest in new products and technologies. Overall, Times Internet’s ownership of Cricbuzz has been a positive development for both companies and has continued to grow and expand under the company ownership, and has been able to strengthen its position in the digital sports media market.

Cricbuzz Success Factors

Comprehensive Cricket Coverage: Cricbuzz provides in-depth coverage of cricket matches, including live scores, commentary, and detailed statistics. Its commitment to delivering all-encompassing cricket information appeals to avid fans.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s user-friendly design ensures that cricket enthusiasts of all levels can navigate and access information easily.

Real-Time Updates: Cricbuzz ability to provide real-time updates, such as live scores and ball-by-ball commentary, keeps users engaged during matches.

Cricbuzz owner Success Story of Cricbuzz Founder-3-getinstartup

Accuracy and Credibility: Cricbuzz owner, Time Internet made it more reliable and accurate reporting, earning the trust of millions of users.

Innovation: Cricbuzz founder constantly innovates, introducing new features like videos, interviews, and interactive content, keeping users engaged beyond scores.

Mobile Accessibility: Its mobile app presence has made it accessible to a wide audience, particularly in cricket-loving nations.

Passionate Founders: The passion of Cricbuzz founder for cricket and their commitment to delivering quality content have been instrumental in Cricbuzz growth.


In conclusion, Cricbuzz is an Indian cricket news website and Times Internet is the Cricbuzz owner. Cricbuzz founder Pankaj Chhaparwal has made this website a prominent platform for cricket enthusiasts. The founder’s vision and dedication have led to the platform’s success and global recognition. Cricbuzz business model primarily relies on revenue generated through various sources, including advertising and partnerships. Over the years, it has established itself as a go-to destination for cricket news, articles, live coverage, and more.

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