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Cars24 Founder Vikram Chopra: Driving Innovation as Cars24 CEO

In the constantly changing world of automobiles, Vikram Chopra comes out as an idealist leader. He changed the way people used to buy and sell used cars in India. Vikram Chopra is the founder and CEO of cars24. He leads the transformation of the pre-owned car market. Vikram Chopra leads the change only with the help of the latest technology. He founded cars24 in 2015. He stopped the traditional method of car dealing. He set new industry methods. Let’s know more about Cars24 Founder Vikram Chopra.

Regarding Cars24 founder Vikram Chopra

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Vikram Chopra is an entrepreneur and ideal leader in the automotive industry. He is also an Indian film director, screenwriter, and actor. He was born on the 9th of June. Cars24 CEO has given an important contribution to the automotive industry. Cars24 founder Vikram Chopra showed a new innovation and transformation. He has a deep understanding of customer needs. Cars 24 founder Vikram Chopra has successfully built Cars24 into a trusted and customer-centric platform. He has a customer-centric approach with his skills he made cars24 a brilliant platform.

In Reference to Cars24

Cars24 is an online platform and offline store network. It is used to purchase and sell used cars in India. Cars24 CEO has revolutionized the pre-owned car market. It provides a transparent, convenient, and hassle-free experience for both buyers and sellers. The platform uses the latest technology data analytics, and artificial intelligence to give fair and accurate car valuations.

It also ensures that customer should get the best price for their vehicle. It has also opened a physical store called “Car Baazar” where customers can check and test drive the cars before purchasing them.

Establishing Physical Stores

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Cars24 is present on an online platform. To build trust and give customers a tangible experience cars24 CEO has introduced a physical store named “Car Baazar”. These stores are becoming an essential part of the strategy of cars24 CEO. These stores allow customers to physically analyze, test drive, and evaluate the cars before purchasing them. It is made with state-of-the-art facilities and experts.

The unique incorporation of online convenience and offline presence not only addressed the concerns of customers regarding vehicle condition and quality but also strengthened the position of cars24 as a reliable platform in the pre-owned car market. The establishment of physical stores played an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction and establishing long-term relationships with car owners.

Managing Trust with Customers

Cars24 CEO also has introduced a physical store named ‘Car Baazar’. Here customers can check and test cars before purchasing them. Cars 24 founder Vikram Chopra tells the importance of a tangible presence to build trust in customers. He also used the method of hands-on approach to serve their customers. The offline stores of cars24 build a trustworthy environment for their customers.

The team cars24 also took the help of quality assurance teams and experts analyst who are specialists in a particular field. The Car Baazar stores provide customers the opportunity to physically evaluate cars. Addresses their concerns about vehicle condition and quality.

Transforming the Pre-Owned Car Market

In the vision of the Cars24 founder, the Cars24 CEO has transformed the pre-owned car market in India. Cars24 founder introduced an innovative business model that combines technology, convenience, and trust. The company’s online platform and mobile app provide customers with a smooth experience to sell their cars at the best possible price.

With the help of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning Cars24 founder has developed a powerful pricing algorithm that ensures fair and transparent transactions. They are making tough competition in the automobile industry with competitors like CarDekho and Spinny.

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Funding Raised by Cars24 CEO

Cars24 has significant funding from various investors, reflecting its potential impact on the automotive industry. In November 2020, Cars24 raised $200 million in Series E funding raised by DST Global. Cars24 CEO also participated in existing investors such as Sequoia Capital, Exor Seeds, Kingsway Capital, and many others. This funding round brought the total funding raised by Cars24 to over $400 million.

The funding has enabled cars24 to expand its operations and strengthen its technological infrastructure. Further, establish its market command in the pre-owned car sector in India. The investors have supported the business model of cars24 founder after seeing the growth and success of cars24.


Cars24 has become a game-changer in the Indian pre-owned car market under the guidance of cars24 founder Vikram Chopra. With the latest, innovative technology and a customer-centric approach, Cars24 CEO has redefined the car-buying and selling experience. Vikram Chopra’s constant track of excellence mixed with his deep understanding of customer needs has moved the cars24 to the top of the automobile industry.

After seeing the continuous growth and success of cars24 there’s no doubt in the leadership of Cars 24 founder Vikram Chopra. He emerged as a brilliant and ideal leader and inspiration to many other new startups.

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