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CarDekho Success Story- From Start-up to 1600 Cr Turnover

In the world of e-commerce, it’s not uncommon for startups to come and go. Who would have thought that two brothers with a passion for cars would create one of the most successful online platforms for buying and selling cars in India? CarDekho success story is one that is worth taking note of. In this blog post, we will take a look at the CarDekho success story and how the company has grown to become one of the leading automotive websites in India.

Early Days:

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CarDekho was founded in 2008 by Amit Jain and Anurag Jain. The company started as a small startup with a mission to make it easier for people to buy and sell cars online. The founders recognized that the Indian automotive industry was largely unorganized and that there was a lack of transparency when it came to buying and selling cars. They saw an opportunity to fill this gap by creating an online platform that would make the process of buying and selling cars more transparent and efficient.

In the early days, the company faced a lot of challenges. The founders had to put in a lot of hard work and effort to get the website up and running. They faced a lot of competition from established players in the industry, but they were determined to succeed.

CarDekho Big BreakThe Turning Point:

One of the biggest turning points for CarDekho was when the company secured its first round of funding. In 2010, the company received a funding of $1 million from a group of angel investors. This funding helped the company to grow and expand its operations.

With the funding, the company was able to invest in technology and improve the user experience on its website. It also helped the company to expand its team and hire more people to work on the website. The CarDekho turnover figures have been the talk of the town lately, with many investors showing keen interest in the company’s potential.

This was a crucial step in the company’s growth and helped to establish it as a leading player in the Indian automotive industry.

Growth and Expansion:

CarDekho Continued Success

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Since securing its first round of funding, CarDekho has continued to grow and expand. The company has invested in technology and has been able to improve the user experience on its website. It has also been able to expand its team and hire more people to work on the website.

The CarDekho turnover for the financial year 2022 was quite impressive, showcasing a growth of 25% year-on-year.

One of the major milestones for the company was when it reached 1 million monthly active users on its website. This was a significant achievement for the company and helped to establish it as a leading player in the Indian automotive industry. Many analysts predict that the CarDekho turnover will continue to rise steadily in the coming years.

The company has also been able to expand its operations to other countries in Southeast Asia. This has helped the company to grow its customer base and increase its revenue.

Comprehensive Business Model and Revenue Generation Strategies.

CarDekho business model is based on providing an online platform for buying and selling cars in India. The company’s revenue model is based on three main sources:

Advertising: It makes money by selling advertising on its website and mobile app. Display advertisements, sponsored content, and sponsored listings are all examples of this. It collaborates with automakers, dealerships, and other automotive businesses to advertise their products and services on its platform.

Leads: CarDekho generates revenue by providing leads to car dealerships and manufacturers. When a user expresses interest in a particular car or dealership, It shares that information with the relevant parties, who can then follow up with the user to try and close the sale.

Car Sales: It also generates revenue by selling cars through its website and mobile app. The company partners with car dealerships and manufacturers to list their cars for sale on its platform. When a user purchases a car through CarDekho, the company earns a commission on the sale.

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Awards and Recognitions

CarDekho has been recognized for its success and contributions to the Indian automotive industry through various awards and recognitions. Some of the notable awards and recognitions include:

  • “Best Website” award at the Indian Digital Media Awards in 2014 and 2015.
  • “Best Car Buying Website” award at the Auto Awards in 2016 and 2017.
  • “Best Online Auto Classified Website” award at the Auto Excellence Awards in 2018.
  • “Top Automotive Website” award at the Indian Web Awards in 2019
  • “Best Online Auto Platform” award at the Indian Auto Industry Awards in 2020. 

CarDekho Success Story – Power of Determination and Hard Work

In conclusion, the CarDekho success story is a great example of Amit Jain and Anurag Jain’s small startup transformed into a leading player in the industry through hard work, dedication, and the right strategy. It’s no wonder that CarDekho turnover has become the benchmark for success in the Indian automotive industry.

The company’s continued success is a testament to the power of technology and the importance of investing in it to stay ahead of the competition. CarDekho success story is an inspiration to other startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to make it big in the e-commerce industry.

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