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In today’s world, every business wants to provide exceptional customer experience. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. C Zentrix a brand of Towards Vision Technologies Private Limited (TVT) comes in. TVT is a global leader in providing contact centers. Furthermore, it is an enterprise-level software solution that offers a top-notch customer experience.

C Zentrix gives coming-generation a simplified call center technology as a result that produces client engagement centers for optimal communication and a 360 ° experience. In addition, with its unique one-box solution, C Zentrix is the only company worldwide that offers a customer engagement solution that supports over 150 concurrent agents. Let’s know more about C Zentrix.

The string of innovations

  • 2005-CZ SME (Single Box)- A complete Customer Engagement Center solution for small and medium-sized contact centers.
  • 2012-CRM (Ticketing & Lead Management)- The backbone of an informative customer Interaction. Integrated with a call center solution provides a complete solution for the help desk or telemarketing team.
  • 2014-CZ Enterprise (Cluster)- Designed specifically to provide highly scalable clustered customer engagement solution with High Availability (HA) and Load balancing as the key functionalities.
  • 2016-CZ Enterprise (Cloud)- Helps you build a fully Interactive contact center within hours with minimal upfront Investment. It can scale your business from shared cloud to dedicated cloud to the In-premise solution.
  • 2017-CZ Live Chat- A text-based chat application driven by customer business rules. Subsequently, help you to analyze your business productivity at any given time.
  • 2018-CZ Omnichannel- C-Zentrix has built a highly secure Omnichannel to offer seamless customer experience between different contact channels.
  • 2019-CZ Chatbot- Powered by NLP, the conversational chatbot can Interact with the users. Along with that, it resolves their issues or helps them with purchases.
  • 2020-CZ Mobile App- To enable agents to work from anywhere, the mobile app allows the agents to work seamlessly using the mobile app to manage calls and CRM Interactions.
  • 2021-CZ Voice Bot- Users can interact with voice-based bots using our telephony Infrastructure and Al-powered voice bots.

C Zentrix Features and Solutions

C Zentrix features include predictive dialing, skill-based call routing, interactive voice response system (IVRS), IPBX, voice and screen loggers, CRM, conference bridge, robocalls, missed call alerts, and more. In addition, C Zentrix’s mobile-based applications and Voice Commerce solutions offer a complete customer experience.

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Ticketing CRM and Lead Management Solution (LMS) is another solution provided by C Zentrix. This tool improves the customer experience. Moreover, it results in higher productivity for businesses. Its omnichannel platform is transforming the customer experience to new heights.

Exploring Unique Specialties

C Zentrix delivers top-notch contact center solutions for all large and small to medium-sized businesses. Solutions enhance the overall customer experience by providing a range of advanced features and capabilities.

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C Zentrix’s comprehensive range of CRMs and trouble ticketing systems are used by businesses across different industries. Moreover, to manage their customer interactions and streamline their workflows. Our expertise in mobile application development enables us to offer tailored solutions. However, these are compatible with various mobile devices and operating systems.

They take pride in offering an all-in-one customer experience platform that integrates with all communication channels, including chat, chatbot, and many more. Our omnichannel platform provides a seamless and uninterrupted customer service experience to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Uncovering Hidden Gems in Various Fields

C Zentrix lead management system designed to help businesses track, manage and analyze their leads and optimize their sales strategies. Further, with the chat and chatbot solutions, businesses can quickly and easily connect with their customers and provide them with personalized support.

Their specialty is providing a unified omnichannel contact center solution because it combines all communication channels like voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media into a single platform. Our platform includes advanced features like drag-and-drop interactive voice response (IVR), skill-based routing, predictive dialing, inbound/outbound call routing, IPBX, voice and screen loggers, live chat, email management, missed call, and call blast.


In brief, the C Zentrix brand of TVT is a cloud-based contact center solution. It offers unique features designed to enhance the overall user experience. The company’s mission is to aid various organizations across various industries to establish and manage their personalized customer engagement centers with ease and minimal cost, resulting in high efficiency.

Overall, C Zentrix is revolutionizing customer experience through its next-generation contact center solutions, making it a top choice for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement centers.

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