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Hello everyone! Are you someone who wants to live on your own terms? Or someone who is ready to take calculated risks to start your own business? Or maybe you have already taken that first step and are looking for ways to boost your business? In this blog, we bring you the advantages and the list of “Best Entrepreneurship Courses in India”.

But before we move to that list, we will understand what entrepreneurship is, and what it takes to be a great entrepreneur.

What is Entrepreneurship?

The word ‘Entrepreneurship’ originated from a French verb that means to undertake responsibility or risk. It refers to an initiative that leads to a transaction of value, goods, services in exchange for money. To set up a profitable business in the ever-changing environment of trade and economy, one needs to know all the skills and insights of a sustainable business model. This is where taking entrepreneurship courses in India becomes helpful.

The modern-day definition of entrepreneurship is more about the ability to find a solution for a problem, seeing possibilities and opportunities where an average person can only see problems. Real entrepreneurs are those who can conceptualize, spot opportunities, develop skills, and convert a vision into meaningful reality.

Traits of a Good Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur feels amazing, but what traits must one have to become one? Let’s see the key points.

  • Entrepreneurs must have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and will work tirelessly to make that happen.
  • They must have the ability to take calculated risks to turn their vision into reality.
  • They must have good leadership skills.
  • They possess persistence, passion, and resilience.
  • They are self-aware.
  • They are not being afraid of failure.
  • They have a constant hunger for innovation.

Why take entrepreneurship courses?

Whether you aspire to be an Entrepreneur or are one already, many entrepreneurship courses provide essential insights. Entrepreneurship courses offer not only skills and training for refining business acumen, but also provide you with tools and methods of business innovation and expansion.

Here are some best entrepreneurship courses in India to get you started with your entrepreneur journey. Let us have a look at the trending entrepreneurship courses.

Online Best Entrepreneurship Courses in India

1. SPJIMR’s ‘Start Your Business’ course

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research is a leading entrepreneurship school in Mumbai. It ranks among the top 10 management institutes in India.

Best Entrepreneurship Courses in India you should know-2-getinstartup

Duration: With a collaboration with reputed business schools and universities globally, it offers its participants a diverse understanding of business.

Course information:  The SYB is an entrepreneurial education program to guide budding entrepreneurs keen on starting businesses. Candidates taking up this program will benefit from networking with other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketers, and service providers. The course covers the topics: Entrepreneurial mindset, Digital Marketing, and Managing the start-up.

2. Startup India Learning Program

Startup India is an initiative by the Government of India and is the largest online platform that provides entrepreneurship courses in India. It contains templates, online resources, and courses for skill development.

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: Free

Certification: Certification from Official Startup India and Invest India

Course information: Startup India Learning Program is one of the entrepreneurship courses in India, which was developed by Invest India in collaboration with UpGrad. The course covers topics: idea validation, finance and legal, and pitching and funding. Also, with insights from 40+ top entrepreneurs about their real-life successes and failures, the course is value-packed.

3. UpGrad’s Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

UpGrad is an online platform offering courses that are intensive and rigorous, industry-relevant. The organization has world-class faculty. 

Duration: 3 months with 6-8 hours per week

Fee: INR 80,000 + GST

Certification: UpGrad Entrepreneurship Certificate

Course information: This course is for working professionals wanting to start up their venture, existing entrepreneurs as well as students and SMEs. The program covers the topics: Entrepreneurship Mindset, Product Market Fit, Building products, and Building Business.

It includes 40+ hours of learning and assignments to implement your knowledge. You will even get personalized Feedback for the assignments.

4. Udemy’s ‘The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship’ Course

Udemy contains excellent online resources that make it possible for anyone to learn anything from anywhere.

Duration: 4 hours of on-demand video lectures

Fee: INR 499

Certification: Certificate of completion

Best Entrepreneurship Courses in India you should know-1-getinstartup

Course information: This course covers the topics: Launching. Pitching. Fundraising, Building a team, Social media, and Evangelizing. Learning resources include 5 articles, 27 downloadable resources with lifetime access. This program allows you to experience a live pitch by an entrepreneur, and receive useful feedback.

5. edX’s IIMBx’s Entrepreneurship MicroMasters Program

edX is another popular education platform. It is one platform that is transforming education globally.

Duration: Approximately 8 months, with 2-4 hours per week

Fee: INR 40,572 for full program

Certification: Micro Masters Program Certification

Course information: The course helps develop, organize, and manage your own business. This program includes four graduate-level courses with instruction from experts. This course covers the topics: People Management, Do Your Venture-Entrepreneurship for everyone, Accounting and Finance, and Marketing Management.

These are the best entrepreneurship courses in India that are available right now in the market which will suit your pocket.

To wrap it up

There are many entrepreneurship courses out there, but this list contains the top short-term best entrepreneurship courses in India. Each of these courses presents impressive insights, and the course design and structure are provided by prestigious institutes. Hopefully, you picked one of our choices.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your passion guide you and get started with your entrepreneurship journey! Let us know the course that you wish to adapt in the comment section.

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