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Hello Readers! I trust everybody is protected and doing extraordinary during this post-pandemic circumstance. We are back with one more motivating story of an individual with regards to whom all of you should know. He’s an extraordinary character however yet not really well known in the present age. So let us just introduce you all to this individual i.e. Aroon Purie. In this article on “Aroon Purie – The Face Behind the Success of India Today“, we’ll be going through his initial day struggles and the stepping stool to his fruitful life along with his India Today success. So with no further ado, let us start with this stunning biography. I’m certain you will add incredible qualities to your day-to-day existence in the wake of understanding this. Along these lines, be with us till the last.

Brief About Aroon Purie

Aroon Purie - The Face Behind the Success of India Today-1-getinstartup

Aroon Purie (born in 1944) is the author distributer and previous proofreader in-head of India Today and previous CEO of the India Today Group. He is the overseeing overseer of Thomson Press (India) Limited and the administrator and overseeing head of TV Today. He is the beneficiary of the Padma Bhushan awardee. He was additionally the manager in-head of Reader’s Digest India. Aroon Purie was taught at the Doon School. He obtained his B.Sc. in Economics from the London School of Economics. His dad was from the film business and had set up a printing plant in the coordinated effort where Aroon was filling in as a creation organizer.

Rapidly, he understood that they would need to make their own work to keep the printing plant working. His vision of making youngsters’ books for Indian kids with Indian subjects got him into distributing kids’ books. They needed to move to magazines as youngsters’ books were not economically feasible. Also, the excessive cost of paper in India left them with no decision except to abandon distributing youngsters’ books.


He began his vocation in 1970 at Thomson Press as Production Controller and keeps on being its directing power despite the fact that he gave over to his child Ankoor Purie. With five offices across India, it has a public presence. He started the India Today Group with an eponymous magazine in 1975. Today the gathering is India’s most differentiated media bunch with 32 magazines, 7 radio broadcasts, 4 TV channels, 1 paper, various web, and versatile entryways, a main traditional music name, and book distributing arm.

Vidya Vilas Purie, Aroon Purie’s dad, dispatched the fortnightly magazine India Today in 1975, with his sister Madhu Trehan as its manager and Aroon Purie as its distributor. The magazine was brought into the world during the Emergency proclaimed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. With India Today, Aroon attempted to “fill the data hole which exists among people keen on India dwelling abroad”. With releases in five dialects, it is the most generally perused distribution in India.

Aroon Purie - The Face Behind the Success of India Today-2-getinstartup

The India Today magazine truly took off in the hour of crisis. In 1977, decisions were held after the lifting of the Emergency. Voices and feelings were choked and the news was stifled during the Emergency. Indira Gandhi lost and a non-Congress party had come to control. With the lifting of the Emergency, a lot of reports that had been stifled were standing by to be communicated and spread. As per Aroon Purie, they were exceptionally fascinating occasions with a ton occurring in Indian governmental issues. The most intriguing was the fall of Indira Gandhi and the Janata party coming to control under Morarji Desai. Then, at that point, in 1980, the Janata party fell and Indira Gandhi got back to control.

Then, at that point, there was the Sanjay Gandhi atmosphere, which however fleeting, was feed for the media. The appalling, yet emotional passing of Sanjay Gandhi was trailed by the enlistment of Rajiv Gandhi into the political standard. This load of occasions was plenty of reports and India Today didn’t release the chance waste. It was the ideal stage and the magazine detailed the occasions with clearness and validity. This was the principal motivation behind why India Today acquired its administration in media.

Besides From India Today

Schooling is the key to country improvement, particularly in India with a gigantic youthful populace. Learning ought to be fun and not methodical. Aroon Purie’s perspectives on training drove him to set up the Vasant Valley School in 1990 in New Delhi. It is a self-financing day school with rambling grounds spread more than eight sections of land. It has completely prepared Science and Computer research centers. Numerous exercises are coordinated to instill authority and self-restraint characteristics.

Aroon Purie has had the option to keep up with the incomparability of his gathering by his adaptability and eagerness to embrace different changes in media as additionally the altering mentalities of the general population. He has had the option to convey what they need, the manner in which they need genuinely and courageously. Here’s a famous quote from Aroon Purie” which he used to say every time.

” I’m hereditarily tuned to anticipate and consistently think about what’s the following new thing I can do and that is the thing that energizes me.”

Awards and Grants

  • G.K. Reddy Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism,1993-94
  • B.D. Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism,1988
  • He was granted the Padma Bhushan in 2001
  • Hall of Fame Award from the Advertising Club of Kolkata, 2002
  • The ITA Television Icon Award, 2007
  • Managing India Award by the All India Management Association, 2010

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