Hey everyone! We have arrived again with another inspiring and motivating story. I am sure that we all know that how cars have become a necessity nowadays. Every person wants to own a car whether it’s luxurious or common. But how do you know that vehicle you are purchasing is stable or good? You may surf websites to get your problems solved. Have you heard about CarDekho? Do you know who founded CarDekho? Do you know about CarDekho founder story? Ever wondered about CarDekho valuation? The answers to these questions will be provided by our article based on “AMIT JAIN CARDEKHO FOUNDER STORY – CARDEKHO VALUATION”

Let us know about the core of our article that is CarDekho and know more about Amit Jain and his success story.

What is CarDekho?

CarDekho Group is India’s driving Auto-tech organization that assists clients with purchasing vehicles that are ideal for them. CarDekho has effectively digitized the Indian auto biological system and is forcefully seeking after its vision to turn into the biggest individual versatility player.

The CarDekho site and portable application help its clients purchase the correct vehicle they are searching for. The solid surveys of specialists assist the clients with separating and contrast the vehicles with purchase the best one. The examinations are fundamentally done through the nitty-gritty data, pictures, and recordings of the brands and models accessible in India.

Person Behind CarDekho

Amit Jain is CarDekho founder or Chief Executive officer (CEO) of GirnarSoft, an IT company that established CarDekho in 2008. The CarDekho site and portable application help its clients purchase the correct vehicle they are searching for. The solid audits of specialists assist the clients with separating and contrast the vehicles with purchase the most ideal one. The examinations are essentially done through the itemized data, pictures, and recordings of the brands and models accessible in India.

Brief About Amit Jain – CARDEKHO FOUNDER


Amit Jain was born on 12th November 1977. He completed his schooling in Jaipur and did his graduation from IIT Delhi. His mother is a homemaker while his father was a businessman. His brother Anurag Jain assists him in his business.


During the year 1999-2000, Amit Jain CarDekho Founder filled in as a Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. He was then utilized as a Senior Associate, Delivery Manager, and Product Manager at an organization called Trilogy for around 6 years and 11 months. Trilogy is a product-based organization arranged in Austin, Texas. He got back after his dad was distinguished with malignancy in 2006. It was at that point, he considered building up an IT reevaluating organization in his old neighborhood.


He set up an organization named GirnarSoft in 2007. He is the CEO of the organization and Co-Founder alongside his sibling. His point was to construct an online stage that will drive traffic from Google and show up on the top. Amit Jain with his sibling longed for setting up a 1,000,000 dollar organization through an IT-based firm. His endeavors paid him with productive outcomes. Their online endeavor CarDekho ultimately acquired immense gross benefits.

More than 40 million individuals visited the site and came over again to know the surveys and elements of various vehicles. Amit comprehended that this will work and the siblings contributed more representatives and time towards the CarDekho online endeavor. Purchasing a vehicle is without a doubt a significant choice for a working-class family, they need to have an appropriate direction. CarDekho ends up being the best online stage that an average person required.

Till now, you have got an insight of CarDekho and Amit Jain founder of CarDekho. Now let us move forward and have a look at the AMIT JAIN CARDEKHO FOUNDER STORY.


Success Story of Amit Jain

Amit with his sibling began with a little garbage at their home. They longed for setting up an IT re-appropriating firm, and soon a group of 20 individuals began working for them. The main year of the organization, end up being beneficial and ultimately they could purchase a spot for an office.

In any case, in 2009, the siblings lost around one crore of their well-deserved cash in stocks and had no assets and no cash close by. Amit didn’t have the foggiest idea how he would deal with the workplace costs, pay rates, and so forth without losing trust, he discovered that it is vital to utilize the corporate cash with holiness.

With a pre-set-up organization, both the siblings began thinking about an online endeavor CarDekho. Be that as it may, they were as yet in a quandary of paying 50 representatives of their group. Still, they made CarDekho live in only fourteen days. Dispatching CarDekho came when they went to the Auto-Expo in Delhi. Subsequent to doing vital computations, they became acquainted with that they can recuperate their misfortune through this online endeavor. The defining moment of Amit Jain CarDekho founder story came when they accepted CarDekho as an authority lead project.

Now let’s have a look on the CarDekho valuation and its net worth.

CarDekho Valuation

In 2013, the organization got significant subsidization from an American-based organization, Sequoia Capital. It altogether pulled in numerous organizations for promoting as a result of the terrific online presence of CarDekho. Afterward, it additionally gained in 2014 and Zigwheels in 2015. No doubt, CarDekho valuation assumed a fundamental part in lifting the name of the parent organization GirnarSoft.


Not a solitary penny was spent on showcasing CarDekho; still, it accomplished gigantic prominence than some other application programming dispatched by GirnarSoft. It has now become India’s number 1 Auto stage serving more than 14 Million guests per month. The parent organization GirnarSoft’s total assets or net worth is assessed to be at $360 Million.


“Small steps lead to big success or achievement.”

In the wake of finishing 11 awesome long periods of CarDekho. Amit Jain CarDekho founder revealed the new Logo in February 2019. The awesome new logo shows the computerized settings of the application and has added to CarDekho valuation. Like, at whatever point another vehicle comes on the lookout, an old and new correlation device is intended to clear things up. Both the siblings agreed on a Logo particularly planned on the pockets of their white shirts, be it old or new.

The essential point of Amit Jain CarDekho founder story was to give information on various vehicles so that individuals may comprehend the highlights offered in a vehicle. The correlation audits and input are something that makes an item solid and offers fulfillment to the client.

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