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Aman Gupta – boAt Success Story – boAt Headphones you are a fan of !!

You must have heard people talking like, Would you like to try my boAt earphones? My music experience using boAt headphones was great! If you want new speakers, then you should give a shot to boAt speakers. Well, we all enjoy listening to music, who doesn’t? But, if you are listening on boAt headphones or earphones, then it is indeed icing on the cake. Welcome back readers, today we are here with another interesting topic of discussion and it’s about the story of the CEO of boAt, Aman Gupta. So, let’s dive right into this article on “Success Story of boAt – Aman Gupta boAt Story.”

Main Motive behind boAt

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boAt (legal name – “Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.”) is a Delhi-based startup company that was started in 2016. It markets electronic goods such as headphones, earphones, travel chargers, etc. The main motive behind the success of Aman Gupta boAt is to provide trendy, affordable, and stylish electronic goods to people. boAt’s tagline is plug into nirvana.

The Journey from Nothing to be the Best Fashionable Consumer Electronics

Early Phase

With a mindset to revolutionize consumer electronics, Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta together started a startup termed boAt. Initially the company started as a cable manufacturer and seller.

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The main motive of the company was to provide fashionable, cheap and durable electronic items. With this mindset, both the founders launched boAt in the year 2016. Aman Gupta boAt company was all set to shift their business from nothing to one of the best brands for headphones and earpods.

Rise of boAt

By the 4th year of their company, boAt started dominating the market. boAt stands out with a team of 25 members and the offices located in Delhi and Mumbai, and a huge happy family of more than 8 lakh customers.

I guess you all have heard of the term “boAthead”? Well, boAthead is the term given to the millions of customers who buy any of the boAt’s products and are welcome to be a part of the ever-growing boAt’s clan.

Due to the great dominance of boAt in the market, other companies in the same niche like JBL lowered their product’s prices to compete with boAt and other companies too.

Some Best Growth Strategies by boAt

1. They started fashion weeks such as Lakme Fashion Week to display their products by various models.

2. They started hiring various celebrities like Jacquline Fernandes, KL Rahul, and Hardik Pandya as their brand ambassadors for brand awareness.

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3. For more growth, they become partners with the top e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon for online branding, and for offline ones, they collaborated with Croma.

4. When boAt launched their air pods, they didn’t launch them because other companies were doing so. Instead, they took more time to have a pure boAt product and consist of a DNA brand that offers more bass to the pods.

Milestones Achieved By boAt

There are various milestones achieved by Aman Gupta boAt company. In this article, I will list some of them, which are mentioned below in bullet points.

1. It’s been only a few years. Since the inception of this company and it acquired more than 8 lakh happy boAtheads.

2. In FY 2020, boAt company had a revenue of Rs500 crore, which is up by 104 per cent from the previous year’s revenue of Rs239 crore in FY 2019.

3. This company has been profitable over the last five years, and they claim to be attaining sales of over 10,000 units a day and 4 to 5 million units a year.

Future Plans of boAt

boAt company has made a huge impact over the last 5 years. After a massive leap, they have taken in the market and clocked a huge amount of revenue. Well, this is not the end. Since many companies have been participating in the trend of audio sets bundled with smartphones. Companies with audio sets bundled like Apple and Samsung has JBL.

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boAt in search for more happy boAtheads would surely expect to pull this trend with appealing branded bundled offers in the future. From the success Story of boAt, we all learn a lot.

Wrap up on the Success story of boAt

Attaining success in life is not an overnight thing. It requires years of dedication, lots of sacrifices and then our hard work pays off. With the above-mentioned Aman Gupta boAt story, we should absorb that success is not an overnight process but a journey that requires hard work, patience, and years of dedication.

I hope you love my article on “Success Story of boAt – Aman Gupta boAt Story” and if you do? Then, please offer us your valuable feedback also.

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