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Hey Readers! We are back here with another article on an interesting topic. You must have understood the core of today’s topic. About half of people in India depend upon agriculture, which is the foremost and the largest turnover in India. The Agriculture sector contributes nearly 18% to 20% to the National Gross Domestic Product. But, did you ever wondered, why farmers in India are struggling hard to make money? Being the largest producer of spices and pulses and we stand in Top for exporting spices all over the world. But yet our agriculture methods are old and traditional. In this article “Agri Tech Companies | Top Agri Tech Startup in India“, we will answer every question asked above. Let us start with a quote.


About Agri Tech Companies

India represents more than 450+ new Agri tech companies in the agri-tech space, which interprets that each ninth Agri tech startup on the planet is an Indian one. With regards to keeping up on the most recent farming and Agri tech companies news. The Agri tech companies area has opened up various market open doors in the national market linkages, i.e., taking ranchers’ items straightforwardly to purchasers, advanced horticulture.

The key center region for Agri tech startup is improving the store network, as this assists the ranchers with improving cost for their produce. There are numerous phenomenal assets one can go to. This leads to the boom for many Agri tech companies in India. Each company has unique technology. Many AI-based applications have been implemented for removing weed, agriculture android robots, predicting the pest, IoT enhanced applications, etc.

Let us know have a look over the top Agri tech companies in India.

A Drop Into The Ocean

Now, let us talk about the Top emerging Agri tech Startup in India and know more facts about them.


Farmers Fresh Zone, A Kerala-based Agri tech companies came up with tracing the origin of the crops which is helpful for the consumers. Like farmers, fresh zone many Agri tech startup in India has taken one step further to solve the farmer’s problem.


Agri Tech Companies  Top Agri Tech Startup in India - The Backbone of India-1-getinstartup

AGNEXT is an Agri tech company that focuses on CV, IOT to instantly produce the desired results on the production of the crops, consumption, and trade marketing. This startup has taken an initiative to help farmers of India. So, many Agri tech companies are prevailing across the nation to sort out the problems of Indian farmers.


Its entirely transforming the Indian food economy. It was established in 2015. The primary focus area is processing food, marketing, farming, etc. It’s a supply chain Indian company that connects the farm directly to restaurants, whole-sale-retailers. So it solves one of the toughest problems


Famous for sustainability the company uses all driven applications in mobile which is useful for many problems. Agriculture is a vital part of our daily hood. Since after the Indus valley civilization agriculture plays a crucial role in our life. So, many Agri tech companies are prevailing across the nation to sort out the problems of Indian farmers.


In 2012, it was founded by two aspiring-minded men named Shashank Kumar and Amrenda Singh. The primary motto of the company is providing seeds and fertilizers at value-based prices, testing of soil, weather reports, and insurance. They almost raised 19.3 million to help farmers across India.


Agri Tech Companies  Top Agri Tech Startup in India - The Backbone of India-2-getinstartup

In 2011, it was founded by aspiring men named Ranjith Mukundan, Ravi Shankar, G.Shiroor, Praveen Make, Ramakrishna Adukuri, and Venkatesh Seshasaye. Their primary focuses on dairy-based farming and provide their help by milk optimizing using IoT-based technology. Stellapps is the first of its kind startup in India working towards the digitization of the dairy supply chain. Started in the year 2011, we are an IIT Madras incubated


In 2019, it was founded by Nikhil Tripathi, Daya Rai, Jitender Bedwal, Mahes Jarhotia, and Nikhil Upadhyaya. Their primary motto allows traders and wholesale retailers to discover new supplies, maintain ledgers, make payments, etc.


In 2010, it was founded by Krishna Kumar and Kunal prasad. They provide SaaS-based solutions to increase efficiency, productivity, sustainability provided weather reports manage farm activities and predict crop yield to minimize risk and yield better produce.

These are the Agri tech startups developed in India and helping farmers to get value for their crops.

Farming Laws and Other Problems faced by Farmers

In 2016, prime minister Narendra Modi government initiated a method to double the income of farmers by 2022 to increase productivity and to develop sustainability between the farmers. But due to the old-style farming practice, the farmers face many problems. Yes, I do agree that by using technology we can harvest more than not yield but the Safety of the food crops is decreasing.

By this issue, we can analyze there is a lack of innovation in the Agri tech startup. This is because our farmers are not getting the desired results from modernized Technology. In order to develop our farming sustainability in agriculture, many Agri tech companies in India are emerging out to play a crucial role in Indian farmer’s life. So in upcoming years, Agri tech companies are the lifesaver of Indians

Technology is prevailing and transforming in many enumerable ways. Now the technology is started to focus on organic farming and people are attracted to it. So, Agri tech companies in India are providing the solution for Organic farming


“Agriculture is like a mother and the technology is the father so the results is innovation”

Thus many Agri tech companies in India are emerging out with different solutions which are providing easily and efficiently manned to help Indian farmers. Agriculture technology-based companies in India are modernizing and the farmers are getting a high sort of help to lift the low post productivity by using cutting-edge technology. Agri tech startup in India plays an important role to solve many types of social problems.

Hopefully, we have covered all the important aspects regarding the new Agri tech startup in India. If you liked the article, please let us know in the comment section.

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