age is just a number-the first youngest woman entrepreneur of india-success story of sreelakshmi suresh-getinstartup

Age Is Just A Number – The First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur Of India – Success Story of Sreelakshmi Suresh

When it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, We usually come across men in this sector. Ever heard of females in this sector? I guess it sounds strange to you. But not strange anymore, As we are familiar with the term “women empowerment”. Women are on a remarkable journey of entrepreneurship and leading with positive belief and confidence. Well, To encourage women empowerment. We are here with (success story of Sreelakshmi Suresh) another article on “Age Is Just A Number – The First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur of India – Success Story of Sreelakshmi Suresh”

Who is the First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur of India?

As we all know top 10 entrepreneurs in the world and mostly consist of men. But have you ever wondered, “who is the first youngest woman entrepreneur of India?” Well, the answer to this question is given below.

A girl named Sreelakshmi Suresh is the youngest CEO and World’s Youngest Web Designer. She is from Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She has been designing the websites from the age of 4 and had designed a website by 6. Yes, you heard it right. At the age of 4, most of the children can only draw or copy a figure like a triangle, circle, or other shapes.

Now you know who she is. So, without further ado. Let’s start the success story of Sreelakshmi Suresh from the start.

The Early life of Sreelakshmi Suresh

1. Sreelakshmi Suresh is the First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur of India.

2. She was born in a middle-class family in Kozhikode, Kerela on 5th February 1998.

3. Sreelakshmi Suresh is the daughter of Adv. Suresh Menon and Mrs. Viju Suresh. And her father, Suresh Manon is a lawyer in the Calicut bar council.

4. Sreelakshmi started using computers at the age of 3. She has been designing from the age of 4 and had designed a website by 6.

5. She completed her schooling at Presentation Higher Secondary School in Kerela. The school doesn’t have its own website. So, Sreelakshmi designed a website for her school which was inaugurated by Binoy Viswam, Forest Minister, Government of Kerala, on 15 January 2007. is the website designed by her.

6. The little girl didn’t stop there. By the age of 11, she started her own startup, eDesign which was launched in 2009.

7. By the age of 11, she had already started another company by the name Tiny Logo.

About eDesign

age is just a number-the first youngest woman entrepreneur of india-success story of sreelakshmi suresh-1-getinstartup

“Your website is your signature in the cyber world. It should reflect your personality, identity, and most importantly convey a message.”

eDesign is a website designing company that was launched in 2009 by Sreelakshmi Suresh. It offers a full-circle approach to website design & web development. Their web designing process includes strategic planning, business intelligence, creative approach, application development, and product and service promotion.

Sreelakshmi Suresh, the First Youngest Women Entrepreneur and is the Youngest Web Designer, and the Youngest CEO in the world. The success story of Sreelakshmi Suresh is one of the motivational stories for men and women who are willing to achieve their goals in their life.

Achievements Of Sreelakshmi Suresh

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

It’s inspirational, thought-provoking, and establishes the belief that every child is born genius and unique. She has got more than 40 National and International Awards and Honours for her excellence in web designing.

1. She was honored by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (India) and received the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in 2008 by Sonia Gandhi at Vigyan Bhavan.

2. She won the Golden Web Award (U.S.A).

3. She also won Sixty Plus Education Award (Canada).

4. Feeblemind’s Award of Excellence (UK)

5. Webmasters Ink Award (U.S.A.)

6. Penmarric Bronze Award (Canada)

7. Other awards include Global Internet Directories Gold Award (USA), WM8C Stamp of Excellence Award (USA), 37th Texa’s Web Award (USA), American Association of Webmasters Merit Award, Thomas Sims Graves Award of Excellence (UK), Moms Global Award for inspirational Website in 2006-07 (UK), ProFish-N-Sea Charters World Class Website Award (Brazil), Wadeshi Science Movement Excellence Award in 2007 (India) among others.

8. She launches of some of her websites have been covered by the regular media.

9. She has already designed and developed about 100 websites.

Other Achievements

1. She was invited by Shoppers Stop, the largest business network in India. To address their annual business meet, wherein there were 144 CEOs of companies were present.

2. She manages another company Online Pixel, through which She gives education, a top priority, to the needy. 

3. She designed a website for the Bar Council of Kerala, which was officially launched on 20th June 2009 by the Honorable Judge, Mr. Kurian Joseph.

4. She completed her graduation in Business Management from St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Kozhikode (2015-18).

5. She skilled herself in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PHP, E-commerce, WordPress, and User Interface Design.

6. She owned a company named eDesign Technologies. And currently, she is working as a CEO of the same.

Final Words

Truthfully, there’s no single secret hack that will make you successful overnight. I think you’ll agree with me when I say: “Some people spend their entire lives wondering how to be successful in life but never figure it out.”

Success comes from consistency and dedication. Sreelakshmi Suresh proved that age is just a number by becoming the first youngest woman entrepreneur of India. Don’t think that something is impossible for Children. You can achieve whatever elders can do if you have the will to do it.

I hope you all are satisfied with this article “Age Is Just A Number – The First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur Of India – Success Story of Sreelakshmi Suresh” and you might come across many new things. So, I just wanna thank you all! For spending your precious time to read this article on the success story of Sreelakshmi Suresh. And would love to know your feedback.

“Keep moving, Don’t Quit”

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