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A very warm & hearty greeting to my readers. Today, I’m here with a new subject. Before telling my readers about the story of the Birla owner, let me take my readers to the family tree of the BIRLA’S. The family starts from the heir named SHIV NARAYAN BIRLA. He is the main man behind the huge kingdom of Birla’s. The family belongs from the  Maheshwari caste of Vaishya trader but the family was thrown out from the caste as one of the family members has broken the caste marriage rules. Thereafter, the lineage grew from Rajasthan in the town of Pilani. In this article on “ADITYA BIRLA GROUP OWNER | ADITYA BIRLA OWNER“, we’ll discuss the whole business and will come to know amazing facts about Birla’s.

A Glimpse of Birla Family

Moving further, Shiv Narayan Birla had sadness in his life even if he had all wealth. He did not have a son of his own so he took the decision to adopt a son for his kingdom to grow and prosper. The name of the adopted son is Baldev Das Birla. The business was handed over to him and it grew to heights. Baldev had 4 children, they are – Jugal Kishore, Rameshwar Das, Ghanshyam Das, and Braj Mohan. These four children also had their own blood growing up where Jugal Kishore does not have his own child so he adopted Lakshmi Niwas as his daughter. The empire of Birla grew day by day.

Biography of Aditya Birla Group

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Talking about the chairman of the Aditya Birla group owner, KUMAR MANGALAM BIRLA who is the great-grandson of GHANSHYAMDAS -is the mastermind behind this huge enterprise. He grew this vast and enormous empire on his own, as his brothers had their own business empire growing and like this Birla family had many business kingdoms enlarging in every corner of the world. The company has many businesses growing under them. Some of them are – metals, pulp, and fiber, chemicals, textiles, carbon black, telecom and cement. The Aditya Birla group owner not only exists in India itself, but it is also operating in 36 countries in north & south America, Africa, and Asia.

“Great businesses are never built on the quicksands of opportunism. I reiterate that, if living by our values means, perhaps growing at a pace slower than we would otherwise have liked, so be it. For us, leadership lies at the heart of knowing what we stand for”.

Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla – Chairman, Aditya Birla Group Owner. An empowering and powerful phrase by the CEO of the Aditya Birla Group.

Moving Over to the Business Empire

Kumar took over the Birla group at his 28th age after the death of his father. There on the son has become the king of the vast kingdom or the Aditya Birla Group Owner or Aditya Birla Owner. He grew the business activities to heights whose turnover was US$ 2 billion in 1995, to US$ 46.3 billion. The business was run by his father ADITYA VIKRAM BIRLA. The businesses which are under the control of Kumar are- aluminum, copper, cement, textiles (pulp, fiber, yarn, fabric, and branded apparel), carbon black, insulators, natural resources, solar power, agribusiness, telecommunications, financial services, retail, and trading.

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He has built not only his business activities in India but also globally. The global companies that are under him are- Novelis, Birla Carbon, Aditya Birla Minerals, Aditya Birla Chemicals, Domsjö Fabriker, and Terrace Bay Pulp Mill. In India, he chairs the Boards of Hindalco, Grasim, UltraTech, Vodafone Idea, an Aditya Birla Capital Limited.

A Brief History of Aditya Vikram Birla

The main head or the boss or the leader who had brought the ADITYA BIRLA GROUP to the pinnacle was ADITYA VIKRAM BIRLA. He is the real chairman of the chairperson or the Aditya Birla Group owner. He left abode at the age of 51 then later on the business was handed over to his son Kumar Mangalam Birla. Aditya Group Owner was the Indian industrialist who was married to Rajshree. He belongs to a family who has a vast empire of business on Indian soil as I have already mentioned about the family tree above. He is the 1st Indian who has extended his business abroad other than the Indian soil. He set up his plants in South East Asia, the Philippines & Egypt.

Summing Up Towards the End

Aditya Birla group owner was a great philanthropist who had a vision of extending the business empire even after the demise of the main man or the Aditya Birla owner. The business is still standing to affirm because of the dedication, hard work, efforts, enthusiasm towards the company and towards the people working under them. The kingdom might have gone through rough days, hardships, calamities but they have come out of it very strongly, very boldly, and very magnificently.

One of the empowering and solid quotes of Kumar Mangalam Birla states that “Failure is not Fatal. Failure is Inevitable. If you don’t fail it Perhaps means you aren’t taking enough Risks”. The quote is more than enough to encourage any failed and downtrodden candidate to start from dust to reach and build an empire.

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