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Get in Startup is a network of startups and students- especially those interested in startups and entrepreneurship. This is a social networking platform which helps both of them in various ways. Students and entrepreneur get a platform where they can get inspired, motivated daily, get to know about startups and guidance about starting a startup and most importantly get a chance to work or join the evolving startups. It’s a platform where entrepreneurs get a chance to connect and make relationships with other entrepreneurs. Startups get a platform to make a start to their startup, promote themselves easily, grow their startups and get guidance for the growth.

Let’s go into details. Almost all startups require a best starting team to start with and make your dream idea into reality. This website is an approach where you can meet your team, gather and start with your innovative idea. This site will also provide guidance to establish your startups and will guide your path. Our blogs will also provide you with the latest information about the growing startups and technologies around you. This will inspire you to work on your ideas and projects. As you should be familiar with the latest technologies in use and trend of society to make your startup idea best and useful, you should regularly check these blogs. Thus this website will provide almost all you want to a start your startup. So, sign up and start your startup today.

Why you must Sign up? If you don’t have an idea for your own startup, don’t worry. You should still sign up because those with ideas will need to have team so you can be the one whom they require. So you will get the chance to be a part of their startup. So sign up with your talents and skill and get recruitment. You can also see this website as a job recruitment site. But remember, the main aim of this website is not so. It is for promoting and helping startups to grow and this is the difference between this site and others. so Sign up now and be a part of startup.

If you still have more doubts on how can you start your startup on this platform and how can it help you. You should go through these blogs which discuss in details about every step and how you can get benefits from this platform.

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Meet Our Team

GetinStartup - Rishabh raj - founder-ceo

Rishabh Raj

CEO and Founder

"Not a Common Personality....."

Rishabh is the CEO and Founder of GetinStatup.com, Software Engineer from Delhi Technological University and also is an entrepreneur at heart. He is a creative thinker and on his way to turn around this world.

Prashant Dhamunia

CEO and Co-Founder

Prashant Dhamunia is the CEO and Co-founder of GetinStatup.com, Mechnical Engineering student from Delhi Technological University. He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a personal trainer. He is dedicated to make his life extra-ordinarty.