Types of Marketing Strategies get in startup

8 Best Types of Marketing Strategies for long term benefits

As you know, marketing is the key to success for any startup. It is as important as the uniqueness of your idea. It is about executing your idea properly into business. Here we are going to see the eight some popular and best types of marketing strategies used for long term benefits. We should say word ‘modes’ and not ‘types of marketing’ because here we are discussing not specific types but the different concepts within the types used in marketing strategies. Let’s explore these.

There are different types of marketing strategies available to use. You can also create your own unique strategies of marketing. Picking up a marketing strategy includes analyzing various factors of market. Read here about choosing marketing strategies.

The two main broad categories of marketing are:

Business to business (B2B) marketing.

Business to consumer (B2C) marketing.

We are going to talk about business to consumer marketing as it is most common.

1.Paid Advertising

This is among the evergreen and traditional way of marketing. Sometimes, marketing word is conceived as paid advertisement. It includes many approaches like TV ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads etc. Now it also includes the vast area of internet paid ads like PPC(pay per click) or impressions.

All ways of advertising where you direct pay for your ads can be grouped under this mode.

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2. Relationship marketing

This type of marketing is focused on building a healthy relationship with the customer. All marketing approaches like free gifts after a limit of purchase etc, which are used to enhance existing relationship with existing customers and improving customer loyalty, are grouped here.

3. Internet marketing

Internet is the huge market and increasing day by day. We are getting so many benefits from internet and getting found of it more and more. Using internet as a marketing place is already a trend and every business is using internet marketing to increase their business and to reach more customers. This includes many things like ads on websites, video channels, applications etc. 

Types of Marketing Strategies get in startup

4. Cause marketing

Cause marketing is relating the service and product of company to a social cause or issue. It focuses on explaining customers how their product or service can solve or prevent from the specific problem or issue. It is always beneficial and good to make products or provide services that can solve some social issue. Then you can use this mode of marketing at its best and increase your customers. For example – you have seen the pollution masks are getting popularity nowadays because of increasing pollution. Sometimes you don’t need to have marketing at all for these cause related product but marketing is always beneficial and increases customers.     

5. Word of mouth

It is traditionally the most effective types of marketing strategies. It totally relies on what impression you leave on people. If you are giving your customers a quality product and an amazing satisfying service then it is likely they will promote you and it will the most effective promotion. Every people recommend something and give many reviews in his life. The network marketing originates from this concept and tries to use the potential of word of mouth marketing. It is getting popularity day by day, but it is some bit different from that many times have many things associated.

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6. Transactional marketing

Transactional marketing is also a traditional concept. In transactional marketing retailers encourage customers to buy with shopping coupons, discounts and huge events. It increases the sales and most importantly encourages customers to try your product or service at once. Now it is popular so much on internet also, used by various e-commerce websites. 

7. Undercover marketing

This types of marketing strategies focuses on marketing the product while customers remain unaware of the marketing strategy. Sometime, companies use special, unique marketing strategies and promote their product using undercover marketing. This can be a example, when you organize an event on a different issue for free and promote your product there.

8. Diversity marketing

The world is full of diversity and there is huge diversity in people, in their culture, beliefs, views, languages and other things. To reach the various diverse people, companies have to use diversity marketing where they use different types of marketing for different diverse markets. For example – showing ads in different languages and making different ads targeting specific regions and people. 

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