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Starting a startup is a biggest challenge in itself. A startup is not only about one’s money, one’s hardwork, it is about one’s dream. It is a dream and when it fails the dream scattered which hurt most. A startup needs a courage and believe in yourself and then it requires a planning, research, team and money. But once a startup has started his journey, the journey of early days are the most difficult phase and its where your life takes your exam and to be successful you have to withstand with the worse situations. Here we are going to discuss 5 big problems a startup can have in his early days. So, lets explore them and try to avoid them.

Falling Support

Most of the start-ups, according to reports are started by the fundings from saving of the founders. They invest their savings into their dream projects. This doesn’t go long and become a cause of failure of startup many times. Therefore every statrup should try to fin investors after some time for long growth.

But many times the support you are getting from your team, your friends, your investors also fall and this lowers the confidence of founder of startup many times. But you should be ready to tackle these situations from start and this is the hard time you have win through to get success.

Team issues

Team is the basic building block of any startup. A talented, passionate and responsible team is the foundation of successful startup. From the day one, you should try to make a best team so that it can with stand with you at the worst situation and handle big roles in the future. There are also some team issues arrives with the time that should be dealt smartly. (Read this blog for knowing more how to tackle team issues).

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get in startup

Managing Cash

Money is the biggest problem startup has. Lack of fundings, results in shutting down of startup most of the time. Managing cash flow is one of the biggest responsibilities of an entrepreneur. You should wisely use the limited money you have and invest it properly. You should always have a plan and work according to that. You should give accurate priorities to the things and invest money according to that.

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Scaling up problem

After some success, many small start-ups stuck in a situation that they don’t know how to scale up their business further. They have no plan for expanding their business and many times the problem is due to lack of funding.

Partner incompatibility

When you are working with a business partner, in the case of many start-ups, of course you get many benefits. A business partner, co-founder gives you support in every way. But there can be some incompatibility with your partner during your journey and in many cases at the starting. There are disagreements on various issues regarding money, growth and expansion strategies.

As founder, you are emotionally attached so much to the company. In many cases, conflicts arise when one partner feels that he is having a too much of the work load or thinks that his partners are less involved with the company and not taking as serious as required.

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