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Welcome back, amigos! To another intriguing topic of debate today, which is the portrayal of the best business movies in Hindi or as we say “in Bollywood”. Films nowadays acquire a significant portion of a person’s life. According to many sociological surveys, most people want to spend their leisure time going to a cinema or just watching movies/series at home comfortably. Moreover, with the development of information technology, people’s immersion in mass media has increased strategically. This article puts before you a list of the best business movies in Hindi that every aspiring entrepreneur must watch.

Bollywood’s Impact

Cinema can alter people’s opinions on various things and helps to form a distinctive point of view. For instance, Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Café (2013) based on the assassination of former India PM Rajiv Gandhi influenced judgments about the causes of the crime but at the same time did not change the political beliefs of the audience. Different studies also suggest that identification with a film character can contribute to one’s virtuous development as well. In a broad sense, it majorly acts as means of individual and social transformation and henceforth contributes to people’s outlook toward certain situations and conditions.

5 Best Business Movies in Hindi - Every ENTREPRENEUR MUST WATCH-1-getinstartp

In the same way, watching a film can prove to be beneficial for a business student/ entrepreneur as it nurtures creativity and novel ways of thinking that might be applicable in a business setting. And that can be done by critically evaluating the film in terms of its artistic side versus its business goals. Movies like  The Wolf of Wall Street have given rise to a new genre of entrepreneurial cinema and people have never been so inspired to watch more such movies.

Here’s a list of top 5 best business movies in Hindi that you can watch during this lazy winter.

Top 5 Best Business Movies in Hindi :

Guru (Mani Ratnam,2007)

Guru is undoubtedly Abhishek Bachchan’s most remarkable works. The movie is a reflection on the life of the man who started the Reliance Empire, i.e., Dhirubhai Ambani. Although the director and producers were never openly claimed it, the audience could easily make it out. In the direction of Mani Ratnam, one can understand in depth what it meant to start their own business during the 1950s. It teaches many important business lessons to young entrepreneurs and prosperous businessmen and falls perfectly under the category of best business movies in Hindi.

Best Business Movies in Hindi – Every ENTREPRENEUR MUST WATCH- 1- getinstartup

Baazaar (Gaurav K. Chawla,2018)

Directed by Gaurav K. Chawla, Baazaar a story about an amateur stock trader, who goes to Mumbai and works for a successful Gujarati trader. Everything seemed smooth until he gets betrayed by his own idol.

Saif Ali Khan starred movie did not get much buzz initially but was warmly welcomed by the audience and critics. The plot seems to be a bit predictable as it shows the life of an aspiring entrepreneur and all about it. But to add a bit masala, the director has added a fictitious storyline.

Raees  (Rahul Dholakia,2017)

5 Best Business Movies in Hindi - Every ENTREPRENEUR MUST WATCH-2-getinstartup

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Raees is an action crime with Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as its main cast. The story is supposed to be based on a criminal Abdul Latif’s life, however, the filmmakers have denied this allegation. The plot revolves around Raees Alam who fuels up his business with the help of a politician (also his idol). But things start to change when he eventually becomes Alam’s worst competition. The film was released in 2017 and received very well making it the second-highest-grossing Bollywood movie of 2017. It falls perfectly in the category of the best business movies in Hindi genre.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (Shimit Amin,2009)

Released in 2009, Rocket Singh is an Indian comedy-drama directed by Shimit Amin and produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, D.Santosh and Naveen Kaushik as lead roles. The story is about a Delhi based businessman, who was robbed of his company’s data , sensitive information and clients by some of his own employees. The movie talks about many interesting topics to consider before starting your own business like customer services for instance , a factor that many businesses do not take seriously. Though this movie did not generate much business on the box office, it is still considered to be one of the best business movie in Hindi for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs.

5 Best Business Movies in Hindi - Every ENTREPRENEUR MUST WATCH-2-getinstartup

Band Baaja Baaraat (Maneesh Sharma,2010)

Released in 2010 it’s a Hindi romantic comedy movie starring Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma in the lead. It is also a debut film for the actor as well as the director Maneesh Sharma. The film does give us many valuable entrepreneurial lessons. They talked about how you do not need a degree to start your own business, what you need is a team that has the same ambition as you. It also talked about basic business ethics like treating your vendors like your partners and not like you are their boss. One of the major life lesson that it taught was how Entrepreneurship is always better than a job, and how just by a good execution of the idea can turn the tables around. Band Baaja Baaraat also takes about the sensitive issue of always keeping a line between your personal and professional life.


The aforementioned piece of work about the best business movies in Hindi, is intriguing and act as a guide for startups and highly experienced businesses. Emotional and accurate these inspirational movies are sure to catch your interest. They convey the specifics of trading and also portray what happens behind the closed doors of an office. They tell the story of billionaires and their lifestyle and what prompted them to do so in life.

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